10 Years Of Howler

Posted on March 23, 2021

The seedling that grew into Howler Brothers was planted with a random conversation with my friend Chase Heard sometime around 2008. He told me he was considering getting some drawings he had been working on printed onto t-shirts. The t-shirt thing was a new development but art was an every day part of Chase’s life so the concept didn’t totally shock me. He emailed me a few of the drawings and I liked them. A lot. So, I told him I would help him figure out how to do it. No big deal right?  

Well, I had no idea that this seemingly innocent statement would change my life. In fact, neither of us did. We were coming off of a few years of running around the country in a van playing music with Wrinkle Neck Mules and we were used to doing creative, sometimes ill-advised, things together. The band was sort of in a state of flux as we stared down the changing realities of life and geography so something new seemed to make sense. Maybe it was good to hedge our long shot bets. So, even though we had zero knowledge of the clothing business and no formal clothing design experience, we never batted an eye.  

The next thing we knew, the concept had grown well beyond a few printed t-shirts. We daydreamed about updating the classic embroidered western shirt, guayaberas and the boardshorts of our youth. Chase kept sending me sketches and concepts. I loved them all. We spent what felt like months looking for a name that would encapsulate our vision. There were 100s of ideas but only one hit the mark dead center. Howler Brothers. 

There’s a lot more to tell. But, the bottom line is that for nearly two years we stumbled around in the dark trying to figure out how to make these sketches into clothes. We finally made it happen. One fine day in the fall of 2010 a truck pulled up and dropped a bunch of pallets into Chase’s driveway in Austin. He packed all the stuff into Howler Brothers headquarters - his garage. Finally, without much fanfare, we pushed “publish” on our website just before Christmas 2010. Nobody bought anything, but Howler Brothers was off and running no less. 

Looking up now, it is hard to believe it has been 10 years. What a wild ride. We have met so many fabulous people and had a million good times so far. We are consistently surprised by the incredible culture which has grown around this little monkey. The people that buy our stuff, those that work with us, our retailers, photographers, Ambassadors - all are top level people. And, we get a chance to create every day. We cannot ask for much more.  

We cannot express our gratitude enough to anyone reading this for being a part of our the first 10 Years of Howler. Thank you. We aren’t going anywhere and we have much in store for this year and beyond. For now, we are going to bask in the glow and celebrate a bit.  

- Andy (& Chase)