Meet Colby D Crossland: Howler Ambassador

Posted on February 15, 2014

Howler Ambassador Colby D Crossland spends most of his time tromping the Green River system keeping his clients amused and the trout scared. When he’s not behind the oars in Utah for Spinner Fall Guide Service, he’s bumping around to any location that has water, birds, fish, dogs, and amigos. We caught up with Colby to get the low down…

So, a quick google image search of “Colby Crossland” revealed at least 19 photos of different people’s mug shots. Is the name “Colby Crossland” a particularly lawless name or is this just coincidence?  
I am not sure what that kid in Oklahoma is up to but he sure gets arrested often.  Colby is his middle name, I am not sure if that matters. I wish he would stay out of lock up though. He makes me look bad. I thankfully have always been let out of the cop car before he drives to the station.

You recently tied the knot down in Belize. How do you negotiate a honeymoon location that also allows you to permit fish? 
My wife is amazing, I am a very lucky man. I spent the morning of my wedding out wandering the lagoons around Placencia. I nearly stepped on a croc that morning. Most women worry about their husbands forgetting the rings or being late, she just wanted me to find some fish. She even had our reception at a pheasant club. Someone got shot that morning, thankfully it was not part of our party.

Who is the most interesting person who’s ever come on board your drift boat?
I guided a very influential evangelical leader for a few days. He is of the “God sent that crazy man to shoot up the school because of gay marriage” mind set.  That is very outside my personal beliefs, and I honestly did not want fish with him. Spending a week with him was very interesting. We had some really good discussions. We did not change each others views, but I ended up really liking the guy. For having so much hate and fear in his heart he had a lot of love too. He really is a good guy who just has some mixed up beliefs.

Music seems to be a part of your life (and skin). Who is on the dial right now that’s inspiring you? 
I have always had music in my life.  When I was young my parents were both rockers–Bohemian  Rhapsody was my first CD, I can still remember pulling the plastic off the case. Way back when CDs came in those long boxes. As of late I have been listening to Country and Hip-Hop. Whitey Morgan and the 78s have been getting some play, Scott H Biram is always my go to on the river. While driving, Subtitle keeps my wife and me both happy. Get Busy Commitee, Uzi Does It is the best party album ever. Old school country is just the best though. My middle name is Darlin, it came from a David Allen Coe song.  

Rum or tequila?  
Whiskey is my drink of choice when I am pouring, but I love boat drinks. So give me rum or tequila either as long as it is mixed with fruit, in a silly glass, has an umbrella in it, and lots of ice, you can keep the cherry. Waitress, I need two more boat drinks. Then I'm heading south before my dream shrinks. I gotta go where it's warm.


Tae Kwan Do or Tenkara?  
I have never figured out the tenkara craze. I own one–its fun to catch some fish on it–Tenkara isnt fly fishing though. Fly fishing is all about casting for me. Tenkara removes the soul. Wow that sounded super elitist. I would never tell someone not to do it or that they are doing something wrong–it just is not for me. I also love fishing from a boat, and Tenkara just does not work properly from a driftboat. Tae kwan Do is in the olympics though, that is pretty cool.

Dwight Yoakam or Motorhead?  
Oh come on, Dwight with no questions asked.

You seem to have two clothing options either 1) shirtless or 2) Howler Brothers. What do you dig about #2? Yes, this is the shameless plug section.  Most gear for fly fishing is either designed for retired doctors or just ugly. Howler is rad, it can be worn anywhere. My dad got married in the Haystack Guyabara. There is just no reason to not look good. 


Special thanks to Jay Morr for sharing his killer photography. Check out more of his work, friend him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter.