Artist Series: Adam Haynes

Posted on April 4, 2016

Adam Haynes (a/k/a "Stickfort") does what we all want to do – he makes a living off of his passions.  Born in Oregon and educated in Montana, Adam turns his deep love and respect for the outdoors into layered and unique visual art.  Sometimes it’s art for a commercial purpose, like his designs for Gnu Snowboards, ESPN and FuelTV.  And, sometimes it’s just freestyle art for galleries and shows.  Adam recently turned out a bad ass piece for Howler that we love.  We caught up with him to try and learn a thing or two about what makes him tick.

So, Adam, what can you see out of your window at this very moment?  
My house, my snowmobile trailer, and our back yard. Not too many views out of the studio, but the light is good!

You manage to strike the seemingly delicate balance between creating commercial artwork and your own independent work.   Is there a difference in your approach when you are doing one or the other?  
It’s very different. I spend a lot more time sketching for commercial work. It’s crucial to get the composition and content right before going to final artwork on those pieces, as I’m usually working with feedback from the client to make changes as the project evolves. Personal work doesn’t usually go through nearly as much scrutiny in the early stages. I start off with a sketch on the painting surface, and let it go from there. It’s a really nice contrast to the commercial work process. 

Do you get the same satisfaction from both kinds of projects?
Very nearly. I really enjoy working with art directors and clients, and it’s very satisfying to see what comes of a good collaboration. At the same time, it’s nice to be the sole creative. I feel like I’d be in a bit of a rut if I only did one or the other, I like to switch it up. 

You are known for being inspired by the mountains and sports like snowboarding but you seem to also have a love for odd pieces of machinery like snowplows, bulldozers and travel trailers.   What’s up with that?
I like old things with stories behind them. All that wear and tear came from years of use, abuse, and neglect. They have a lot of character, and I like to try to capture that. 

Black Sabbath or Black Uhuru?

Mirror Pond Pale or Rainier?
Both have their moments. 

Mt. Bachelor or Bridger Bowl?
I love Mt. B but I’d like to get some BBC action more often.

Give us a little of the “behind the curtain” on the piece you did for us here at Howler.
I’m a sucker for a good adventure-mobile. Whenever time permits, I like to dream up a little something that’d be fun to drive around in. This one is based on a Toyota Delica van. Diesel and 4wd of course. Full of character, lots of stories to come. 

Be sure to check out more of Adam's work on his website and follow him on Instagram @Stickfort



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