The 2016 Privateers Are Here: Bring On the Summer!

Posted on May 27, 2016

The Challenge

The bar had been set high by last year's Privateers, so selecting our winners for this summer was no easy task. Once again, there were hilarious applications and impressive videos, which added to the difficulty of the task. But without further ado, we are excited to present the Howler Privateers for Summer 2016.

Meet the Boys

Garrett Hughes and Ryan Sompoyac like to grab life by the horns. Whether they are chasing surf or searching for fish with fly rods, these Virginia natives are ready to rock and roll this summer. You can check out their application video here: 

They are no strangers to living out of their vehicle and having an incredible time, which should come in handy as they are heeding the call all over the US of A this summer.    

The Road Ahead

Be sure to catch all their adventures - as well as updates from the road - by following them on the Privateers Instagram and Twitter accounts. This is just the beginning. HEED THE CALL