Meet Izzy Preciado: Howler Ambassador

Posted on June 27, 2016

We are excited to welcome Israel "Izzy" Preciado to the Howler Ambassador team. Izzy is an incredible long boarder and indomitable happy spirit. He is a local legend in his hometown of Sayulita, Mexico and one of the funniest people you will ever meet. We first met Izzy when we went down to Sayulita to film our Spring 2016 video campaign via fellow Ambassador Kameron Brown, who had known him from prior escapades. He served as our local fixer and instantly became part of the family. Bienvenido, Izzy.

When and where did you start surfing? Have you always been a longboarder?
I started surfing in Sayulita about 25 years ago. Now days I surf all types of surfboards depending on the conditions, kind of waves and crowds but I started as a longboarder. I mean as much I like riding different size and shapes of boards I still considered myself a longboard lover.

Without divulging any secret breaks (ahem), what are your favorite waves to surf in Mexico? 
I love living in Mexico and being Mexican is just awesome! Bahaha. Nah, seriously it's a bit hard to pick a favorite wave because we are sooo extremely lucky here in Mexico with the abundance of fun world class waves. But if I have to pick 3 waves in Mexico they would be 1) Chacala, which its a very fun playful long left; 2) La Bahia, a super fun shortboard A-frame wave; and 3) La Ticla which is like surfing paradise there are long left, A-frames, fun right-handers and beach breaks all within walking distance.

Outside of Mexico?
The waves I like outside of Mexico... in California I like Church's, Cardiff Reef and Pleasure Point up in Santa Cruz. Boca Barranca in Costa Rica is very looong and fun. La Libertad is a pretty solid wave in El Salvador. I would love to go back and surf again outside of Rome, don't remember the name but it was very fun mushy wind swell waves. La Lefitania in the Basque Country was very fun but man it was sooo crowed hahaha!

Is it true you used to captain a fishing boat?
I was once a captain incharge of a sport fishing / tour boat when I was younger but I only worked in that bussiness for like 3 years then I decide to stick to surfing lessons and selling real estate in Sayulita.

Mexi Log Fest

You started a killer longboard competition in Sayulita, Mexi Log Fest (@mexilogfest). What has been the best part of throwing that event?
@mexilogfest is like my second baby now that my daughter Olivia Jade was born ;)
There are alot of awesome things about organizing this event. The challenge to do something when not a lot people believe that you can pull it off, the challenge to raise the money for it when corporate or big surf companies somehow are not interested in supporting this kind of event. But at the end to see amazing longboarders from all over the world sharing waves, having a great time plus some of them make some good money. More importantly they make more friends and keep on sharing the stoke and beauty of longboarding. That, my friend, makes it all worth while and that's why I'm already working on 2017 Mexi Log Fest events. I'm planing to run the first log contest/art exhibition/music/mucha fiesta in my hometown Sayulita around mid January 2017 and I will be having another event during the month of May the location of it will be disclosed during the first event in Sayulita.

When we were hanging out in Sayulita, you showed us some damn fine grub. Tacos or Ceviche? Pick 1.
Tacos. Every day!

Tequila or cerveza? (trick question)
Ha! I think I know where this is headed...but I pick cerveza every time. Almost every time.

Any big plans for this year? 
Apart from working on Mexi Log Fest, I will be in California this summer for a couple of months with my girlfriend and our beautiful newborn daughter. As for big plans for me this year, well I have a life long plan and it's to learn to become a good father and friend for my daughter.

Be sure to check out Izzy's website Surf in Mexico, follow him on Instagram, and stay tuned to Mexi Log Fest for info about the 2017 events. And browse our beach friendly gear here.