Thank You Privateers Summer 2015 Crew

Posted on August 31, 2015

Well, the keys have been handed back, and the inaugural run of the Howler Privateers has come to a conclusion. We couldn't have asked for two better guys then Drew Ruff and David Mucklow to take this journey and capture this experience.  They not only embraced our creed and the Howler way, but made sure to live it each moment. They worked hard and chased every little chance to meet new people and get out on the water. We are proud of you guys for exceeding our expectations and staying true to your commitment to "heed the call".

From everyone here at Howler HQ thanks again, your dedication means a lot to us, and we were happy to help y'all kick some ass this past summer. Her first mission was a success. Who knows where the Howler van will wind up next so keep your eyes pealed, America. As for the first ride of the Privateers, we'll let Drew sum up his experience, here is part of an email he sent the team last week:

When we started, we didn’t think we’d cross the entire continental US, pursue countless species of fish, meet so many welcoming and amazing people, and do it all for such an awesome company. There were so many hard parts about leaving the best summer job I'll ever have. I guess the most difficult part at the end of the Privateer road trip wasn’t looking back at how much we got the chance to do. It was knowing how much more there is to do, how many places we didn’t even pass through, let alone explore, how many people we didn’t get to share a beer with after an evening spent heeding the call. Those places, people, and adventures are for the next Privateers. I’ll end this all with a quote from Drew in our submitted video that rang true for the whole trip, but is even better now that it’s over. “You can’t heed the call from the couch. You have to be out there doing it.”