The Belafonte Collection - Howler's First Mutation

Posted on November 3, 2015

Everyone knows what happens when the science lab is left unattended. The mice get out of their cages and chew through the electrical wiring setting off a chain reaction where potions topple over and mix with other potions, atoms get supercharged, poles get reversed and the world as we know it is forever changed.

Well, the same thing happens here in Howler HQ after we turn out the lights and head out for a pint. In the darkness, our core lineup cross-pollinates with the strangest ideas from our wildest dreams to generate a brand new and rare DNA; Howler Mutations.

Our first Mutation collection:the Belafonte Strain, generated A Merlin Vest, Knit Cap, Talisman Fleece and two Snapback hats in limited edition colors featuring A one-of-a-kind patch.

See more of our experiments come to life in the Mutations Section of our site, But be warned, these styles won’t be coming back once they are let loose. And check back in periodically because anything can happen...