Rave reviews for the Magic Mesh Polo on GearFlogger

Posted on March 23, 2011

Great review from the aficionados at GearFlogger.  Thanks guys!

I survived Phoenix last week where unseasonably warm weather was putting temps above 90. Did I mention I'm from Alaska? That's hot enough to melt the funk right off my normal base layer of nastiness. It being an urban adventure, I really didn't want to scare the children (mommy, mommy, it's a white zombie, run!) so I needed respectable threads.

Enter the Magic Mesh polo shirt from Howler Brothers. It's a great topper when you need to keep your cool. The basic polo format, no pockets, has a straight cut that strikes the perfect balance: not too loose, not too tight on a normal athletic frame. The 100% polyester mesh is tight enough people won't notice it in so-called "polite company" but it definitely works to keep you from getting hot and bothered.

The blue design with red stripe is a bold statement, and the monkey logo, which evokes Curious George Gets a Hangover, is a great alternative to tennis club crocodiles. The clincher was on day three of wearing the same shirt, when the Magic Mesh showed me the money: no smell-o-vision, which for a synthetic is where it's at. Highly recommended travel wear.