Meet Honson Lau- Howler Brothers Ambassador

Posted on April 16, 2011

Howler Bros’ brand ambassador Capt. Honson “Benzo” Lau can be found anywhere south of Miami guiding clients into the crevices of Florida’s aquatic playground in search of redfish, tarpon, snook, bonefish, permit and anything else that dares swim the flats and mangroves.  He’s also a prolific photographer, blog writer, gear tester for top fishing companies (Loomis, Nautilus, Monic) and an all out advocate for the good things in the sport of fishing.  You can live vicariously through Benzo and see him putting some of our gear to the test by following his blog Benzo’s Realm.

We caught up with him recently for a quick fill in the blank session.  Here’s what we found out about this masked man:

There’s a 150+ lb pound tarpon on the right side of the boat and a garbage can lid sized permit on the other.  You cast to the: right side... if that jack wants the fly bad enough, he can run over and fight off the big pilchard.

If you weren’t testing gear, chasing fish and guiding folks into Florida’s waters, you would you be: emotionally distressed... Or possibly bored out of my mind.

Fried chicken or raw fish? How about both?

Beer, tequila or iced tea? Long Island Iced Tea

If you could only have one fly in your box for the rest of your life, it would be a: Toad!!!  Everything will eat some variation of the toad.

The worst clients on your boat are ones that: Have no respect for the boat, the water, and the guide. 

We’ve heard you can cast a fly rod, spinning rod or even a stick with a piece of dental floss tied to it through the eye of a needle from 100 feet.  Tall tale or God’s honest truth? All lies... It's from 99ft.

Your shameless plug for Howler Brothers gear:

As I mentioned before, the loggerhead shirts are the most comfortable technical shirts you can wear on the water.  They are cool, stylish, and discreet.  This is QUALITY stuff.  As far as the branding... Come on... You can't beat the monkey.  HB's branding alone already sets itself apart from from everything else on the market today.