Howler Dispatch: Chesapeake Watershed Ride

Posted on October 10, 2011

Some friends of ours at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation recently completed an extended cycling expedition in the name of some very worthy causes.  John Rodenhausen and Beth McGee spent 3 weeks in the saddle, biking nearly 1300 miles around the entire watershed of the Chesapeake Bay in an effort to raise money for CBF  as well as child cancer treatment and the American Diabetes Association.  They pedaled through all 6 states that drain into the Bay (MD, PA, NY, VA, WVA, DE) and raised over $21,000 for their causes in the process.

We are not sure why they chose August for such a grueling ride, but we are proud to say that our Loggerhead Longsleeve shirt helped keep them cool along the way.  Says John, “The loggerhead shirt was my favorite because it was as cool as (if not cooler than) a short sleeve but gave me all the sun protection I needed while riding 6-12 hours a day. Had laundry machines been more available I would have worn it every day!”

We have got some exciting stuff in the works, partnering with CBF on a number of projects.  Look for their education staff to be outfitted in some Howler gear in 2012.  Congratulations John and Beth!!!