Meet Oliver White- Howler Tribe Ambassador

Posted on November 14, 2011

Oliver White lives a tough life.  He spends most of his time in the Bahamas surrounded by waves and fish and boats and ice cold beer with his uber dog, Bono, eternally by his side while he guides and runs the show at Abaco Lodge.  When the season is over, he crisscrosses the globe fishing, getting his picture taken and gracing the cover of mags like Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.  He’s also a super solid dude and, even though all of us here at Howler HQ went to Virginia, he’s a Carolina Tarheel we’re proud to call a Howler Tribe member.  We caught up with Oliver to pick his brain a bit about bonefishing, basketball and other things.  Here goes. . .

First, we hear you were a financial analyst on Wall Street for a few years.   We’re interested in your perspective on the spreading contagion of the Greek sovereign debt crisis and its long term impact on both the European Union and the Euro.   Thoughts?

We’re kidding, of course.   Let’s get down to business.

We’re dying to get over to Abaco and throw a line around with you.   Tell us the best part about your gig over there?   Is it the actual fishing or meeting all the good folks that come through your door?   I live less than 20’ from one of the most prolific fisheries in our hemisphere and get a constant flow of interesting dynamic people in and out of the lodge.  The combination of the two feeds a lifestyle that is pretty hard to beat.

What do you feel is the biggest threat to the fishery around Abaco?  As with most parts of the world it is all about habitat destruction.   Luckily Abaco is ahead of the curve in protecting the resource.

If you did not set up shop in Abaco, you would have done it in...  Tough call – I love the adventure and remoteness of far off places but Abaco was a perfect balance of quality of life and ease of access and an incredible fishery, once I found that I didn’t consider much else.  If you really twisted my arm it would probably be southern Mexico or Belize –with some quality permit fishing and a few tarpon.

If you could only have one fly with you the rest of your years on Abaco it would be a… Hands down the Puglisi spawning shrimp.  Best commercial bonefish fly on the market everywhere I have fished.

What in the hell is “jumping” a sea turtle?  The island equivalent of cow tipping -you can chase a turtle in the flats boat until he has to come up for a breath and then you get a split second where he is paused on the surface catching a breath where a well placed dive and quick hands gives you a chance to swim with him before letting him go.

So, we hear your dog is a total bad ass and that you’ve somehow learned to trick the TSA so he can ride right next to you on commercial airplanes.  Fact or fiction…  Fact –Bono get’s special privileges and is a well-traveled dog.

Who is your favorite baller to ever wear the Carolina blue?   Is there anyone greater than Jordan?  I was in school for the days of Vince Carter so that’s a close second.

By the same token, who do you think is the most annoying player to ever play at Duke?  They seem to find a new one every year, not sure how they do it.

Insert shameless plug for Howler Bros here…
Great gear, great people, great ethos –keep it up and keep the new stuff rolling out!