Meet Flip Pallot- Howler Tribe Ambassador

Posted on May 23, 2012

Long before the Fly Fishing Film Tour, luxury lodges, large arbor reels and nano technology, there was a small band of bad asses who were out there trailblazing and pushing the sport of fly fishing beyond chalk streams and creel baskets.   If you ask anyone involved with the sport to name these guys, Flip Pallot would be either the first or second name you’d hear.  For good reason.   Flip has done it all.  He’s an author, TV personality, guide, casting instructor, rod designer, skiff creator, fly inventor, product consultant and all around cool guy.

We could not be happier, or more proud, to have Flip join up with us as a Howler Brand Ambassador.   We caught up with him recently to welcome him aboard and peer into his brain.  Here’s what we found out.

We’ve read a few comparisons between your mentor and good friend Lefty Kreh and Yoda from Star Wars.  If that comparison is accurate, who does that make you?   Obe Wan Kenobe perhaps?
The "Lefty"/Yoda comparison is a good one...up to a point. Lefty has been Yoda to us all for decades and we're hoping to squeak another decade (or more) out of him!!!!!! I'm simply a fortunate acolyte! 

Between filming shows, doing casting clinics, consulting with companies, designing skiffs and writing books, do you ever just get a chance to just fish?
I have the best of all lives in that I get to spend a great deal of time hunting and fishing. It's this time afield that the keeps the creative batteries charged and provides the sparks that ignite high adventure!

The last 5 years seem to have brought a sea change in the film side of fly fishing.  As someone who has been in that game for a long time, why do you think that is occurring? 
The last 8 or 10 years have been interesting to watch on outdoor television. 'So many more programs competing for the same number of sponsor dollars. The scarcity of dollars causes outdoor TV producers to ever find ways to produce programs for less which has given rise to a "sameness" among programs. It has also given rise to the loss of production values and the ability of programs to TELL A STORY!....'hard to expect much more from a show filmed in a day or two. The race for sponsor dollars has also created "on air exposure" as a selling tool to procure those dollars. Many, many outdoor programs have become shameless infomercials causing me to get up from my lounger and raid the ice box....then surf to find some bull riding or a good tractor pull.

Pick one:
Elk or tarpon?

Ducks or bonefish?

Quail or trout?

Bow or fly rod?
Are you kidding???????? That's a trick question!!!!!

Cerveza o ron?
Ron! (Pussers' Navy, Habana Club dark of course, Casique and  14yr. old Flor de Cana)

You’re a confessed lover of the Everglades.   Are conservation efforts working and what is the single biggest threat to the ecosystem and fishery? 
Sadly, I don't believe that conservation efforts exist that can save the Everglades. It breaks my heart, and I hope that I'm wrong, but I believe that the water and water quality needed to save the Glades does not, will not, can not exist and if by some miracle it could, we've ruined the delivery system (the south Florida aquifer). It's hard to quit on such a treasure as the Everglades and some of us won't...but it feels like charging windmills.

You’re often wearing a hibiscus flower hat and seem to have taken to our Gaucho shirt with the hibiscus embroidery.  Is there a connection between you and the hibiscus or is this just a coincidence?
The hibiscus is the flower of my youngerhood and follows me still through tropical travels...Howler Bros. has clearly recognized the importance of the hibiscus to those of us who choose to sweat as we play.

If you were still in the banking business, would you lend money to Howler Bros.?
If Howler Bros. would make the "Gaucho" in sea foam/skiff guide green...why of course I'd lend them money. What could possibly go wrong?????????