Danny Hess x Howler Handplanes

Posted on December 3, 2012

We are honored to work with Danny Hess to bring you these limited edition Howler Handplanes.  Danny is a master woodworker, sustainable surfboard shaping pioneer, and an ambassador for the bodysurfing revival currently underway.  Over years of experimentation and field testing he has honed his handplane shapes into these highly functional works of art.  They are fully hand shaped out of locally sourced, salvaged and certified woods with rocker, rails, and bottom contours to give you the full surfing experience in a portable handplane.  We have been fans of Danny's work for years and we are super stoked to collaborate with him to bring his hand shaped goodness to the Howler lineup.

Danny on his handplane design:
I started building Handplanes for myself and friends when I was 17 and working as a lifeguard at a really good bodysurfing beach. The originals were made from shaped kickboards and found materials. I build each plane using a press method that creates a very strong, light and precise Handplane. I focus on using locally sourced, salvaged and certified woods in each of my planes and they are sealed thoroughly with a very durable natural oil sealer.

The length and width of these Handplanes are specifically designed to give a bodysurfer just the right amount of lift to get their upper body out of the water, creating much less drag and allowing them to really control their positioning and speed on the wave. It really does feel like an entirely new, pure way of riding a wave when doing it for the first time. I’ve been hooked for many years.

As my good friend says “I’ve often had a bad time surfing, but I’ve never had a bad time bodysurfing”.

Learn more about Danny at hesssurfboards.com.