Howler Dispatch: Filming Tributaries in the Bahamas

Posted on July 15, 2013

We are excited to be sponsoring a new film project by RC Cone called Tributaries.  RC is a new addition to the Howler crew and we are stoked to have him along for the ride.  His last film, Breathe, was a 20 minute short about how the daily stress and tedium of work compelled him to quit his job, live out of the back of his truck for a month and speak to local Montanans about how they balance work and fishing.  For his new film Tributaries, RC is examining international fly fishing culture through the lens of guides in the Bahamas, Iceland, and Argentina.  He fills us in on the first leg here:

I’ve been lucky enough to be hanging out with Prescott Smith at his Stafford Creek Lodge  on Andros Island for the past month. Prescott was literally born into Bahamian fly-fishing culture, his Dad is Crazy Charlie - the legend who invented the fly that changed saltwater fly-fishing forever. Prescott is a very mellow, warm-hearted flats-drifter who believes in having a strong purpose in all he does. It’s incredibly apparent he doesn’t just own a lodge. His goals, through his lodge, are to support and empower his burgeoning, young country (40 years in July!). He’s worked tirelessly for 20 years to start the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association (BFFIA) and the Bahamas Sportfishing Conservation Association - two of his babies that hope to give local Bahamians jobs and protect the natural environment that give them those jobs. He’s an inspiring person and an even better fisherman - he throws a lot of what I learned about fly-fishing out the window. For example, traditional casting technique loads and unloads the rod constantly, whereas his technique keeps the line loaded all the time. He can also cast into the wind like no one else - he shows this off by standing on the bow, cranks the boat up to 40mph and casts directly out front - it’s pretty amazing.

The flats here are incredible. This place invented color. The blues, greens, yellows are hues I’ve never even dreamed of. Not only are the colors inspiring, The Bahamas has the largest bonefish flats in the world - and you can tell. I’m a newbie to this saltwater game but I will NEVER look at trout fishing the same again. I love the visual connection required to catch a fish - no more blind casting where fish MIGHT be. We’ve been running daily to huge, endless flats that are brimming with bonefish and we’ve done well. Screaming reels to the backing are a common occurrence here. I think I’m in love.

In about a week I head to Iceland. I probably couldn’t have picked a more contrasted place from The Bahamas. I have NO idea what it will be like but my sense of adventure is pulling me there. Like the crew at Howler Brothers says, heed the call.

Learn more about RC and his film Tributaries here: