Howler Pilgrimage Redux

Posted on August 14, 2013

Perhaps it took us a while to recover or we just wanted the memories to fully sink in, but we are just realizing that we never posted a proper recap of the First Howler Pilgrimage.   It’s hard to believe it’s been over 2 months since we parted ways with our fellow pilgrims at the Palometa Club in Punta Allen.   The good news is, we could hardly do a better job of retelling the tale than our friends at the Palometa Club did in their blog.  The piece contains some awesome images from photog Matt Jones who chronicled all the gritty details.   Check it out here:  Palometa Club Tourney Report

Tom Bie from the Drake Magazine also gave the event some nice run in the current issue.   Tom was nice enough to leave out the part about him losing a big fish and, possibly, the tournament because of Howler founder Andy Stepanian’s reel malfunction.  He focused on the positive things, like their tasty team name “Palometa World Peace”. 

If you want to get a video feel for the fishing and the Club, check out the promo video Jamie Howard of Howard Films put together on location at the Pilgrimage. 

In the end, we owe a huge thanks to the participants that came from all over the world, to the Palometa Club, to David Leake @ Tailwaters Flyfishing, to the other sponsors and to all the guides and staff at the Club.  It did our hearts some good to see literally everyone associated with the Club in any way decked out in Howler Bros. gear all day every day.   They are putting our stuff to the test. 

Also, thanks to the makers of Tres Generaciones tequila.  Sales have to be trending up this year.

We are already thinking about next year and Pilgrimage 2.0.   Ideas abound.  Stay tuned.