Artist Series: Jay Fletcher

Posted on January 29, 2018

If you have a keen eye when you walk around Charleston, South Carolina you will start to notice graphical elements here or there that have a distinct look and feel. Much of it is the work of one of our favorite graphic artists, Jay Fletcher. Fletcher, an Ohio transplant to the Lowcountry, uses geometry, creative font design and simplicity to cook up some of the coolest graphic design around. The impact of his work ranges well beyond Charleston as he has created logos and designs for everyone from the US Virgin Islands to Apple.

We have long admired Jay’s work and felt like we were long overdue for a new Howler Artist Series collection. So, we cut Jay loose to put his spin on some Howler goods. We got more than we bargained for so we made a full deck of playing cards in addition to a t-shirt, hat and limited edition, hand-screened poster. Here's a look at a few examples of Jay's other work. You can dig deeper into Jay’s work here. And, be sure to check out the full Howler x Jay Fletcher Artist Series collection.