Gallos Galore!

Posted on April 8, 2019

Roosters strut in the streets of all the places we love. We just got back from Mexico. Roosters everywhere. Bahamas photo shoot last year? Roosters. Costa Rica? Roosters. Hell, they are even cruising all around Austin and asserting their early rising tendencies. There's just a romance about them that we love so from the very beginning of Howler, roosters were a no-brainer to adorn some of our favorite garments.

It all started with the now famous Rooster Gaucho Snapshirt. Want one? Well, you better have $400+ ready to bid on eBay. Since then, we've put roosters on everything from t-shirts to belt buckles. For Spring 2019, we went the biggest of all with our festive Gallos Galore print. It's a celebration of everything we love about the rooster and a defining print for the season. We even have a Gallos Galore Surfboard.

Here's to the rooster.