Posted on August 27, 2018

The road the past couple weeks has been wild with non-stop changing scenery. First stop was back to Victor, Idaho for “Casting 4 A Cure.” We had an incredible time with great people raising money for an even better cause.  Our next leg from Idaho to Oregon.. and since Yellowstone National Park was just off the path, we couldn’t pass it up.

After Yellowstone we pointed the horns west and headed up to Portland.  We arrived in the in the PNW and hit the local watering holes with some friends and then headed to put our feet in the Pacific. We met up with our friend Ben Moon and his pup Nori and hit the water. The surf was incredible (for the more experienced) so we stuck to taking photos.  

After spending a couple days up in Pacific City we started making our way down the coast on Highway 1. Without a doubt Highway 1 was one of the most incredible drives either of us has ever done.  We made a few stops on the way down. First was a drive through the redwoods via the Avenue of the Giants. They truly are giants. Not sure if we have ever felt so small. Next was a trip down to LA. We made a couple quick stops in San Fran and Malibu to do some more surfing before headed to the LAFC game. What an experience being in that stadium was. A huge shout out to LAFC for the incredible seats at the soccer match, we had a blast.

Before we headed home back to ATX we made one last stop to see the legend himself, Kameron Brown. We hit the Pacific to find some fish. The fish were nowhere to be found but the good times were plentiful. After that we packed up the Van one last time before heading back to Texas to end our epic adventure with a party at Howler HQ. It was one hell of a summer. We can't thank everyone who helped us along the way enough. Thanks for following along. We hope you enjoyed it!! HEED THE CALL!!!!!


Austin & Dawson