Howler Brothers X Helms Workshop

Posted on April 4, 2019

Our friends at Austin design shop Helms Workshop have been around since the inception of Howler Brothers. When we were dreaming up this little idea, they were there to help us put meat on the bones and brainstorm 10,000 ideas. They even helped dream up our beloved Howler Monkey icon logo which defines us in so many ways.

Last year, we had a blast collaborating with them on our “Old Friends, New Horizons” Artist Series. We had a great big party here in Austin at the home of our mutual friends Austin Beer Works to celebrate some bad ass threads we collectively designed featuring coral snakes and Texas birds of paradise. We even had a commemorative beer can featuring the art from the series for everyone to sip on.

Since that first collaborative collection sold out in, like, no time we wanted to do it again in 2019. We love what we came up with and think you will too. Instead of focusing on some far away place for our inspiration, we kept our minds local and focused on the flora and fauna close to our mutual home in Austin. As expected, there are some really cool and unique things right outside of our door. We bet the same holds true where you live. So, check out what we did with Helms and take a look around your own locale this Spring and Summer and heed that call.

And, if you want to come to our launch party and see the whole thing, meet the Helms crew and drink out of this year's commemorative can, stay tuned on our Instagram and email for the full announcement. It'll be a blast.