Howler Brothers x Indifly : Golden Frog Collection

Posted on June 27, 2018

Our friends at Indifly set out to create an organization which protects fisheries and provides sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples. It's mission is accomplished through the development of community owned fly fishing ecotourism operations that directly benefit from local resource conservation.

Indifly is a forward looking, long term vision that protects people AND place stewarded by Howler Ambassador Oliver White and other awesome people in the fly fishing world. Learn more and see how you can help at

Indifly pioneered it's work in the jungles of the South American nation of Guyana, home of the the rare and incredible Kaieteur Golden Frog. We could not resist putting this amazing little amphibian on a few Howler Brothers staples to help the cause. Hop on the Howler x Indifly : Golden Frog collection