Howler Dispatch: 2017 Privateers can't stop won't stop

Posted on August 10, 2017

When the summer heat hits, there are only two places we want to be, on the water or in the mountains. With that in mind, we chose to spend some more time around the Florida waters before making our way out West. From Orlando we headed down to the beautiful beaches of Naples, Fl where we met up with some friends. It was a great escape to a beautiful area on the gulf coast with beach lounging, dolphin watching and racing thunderstorms on the water.

Making our way back up through Florida, we stopped in Oakhill to have a morning session looking for some reds with Avery and Gary Gillette from Fly Fishing After Dark. Eager to get more fish on the fly, we made our way to Cartersville, Georgia to link up with Andy Bowen of Cohutta Fishing Co. Andy was an incredible host. A night full of playing guitar, drinking a few cold beverages in the treehouse, and sharing fishing stories was the perfect way to end a night before putting the cherry on top and catching some fish. And catch fish we did! Andy, Connor, and Garner took us to a spot in the Cohutta Wilderness Area filled with Spotted and Redeye bass. Incredibly grateful to the guys at Cohutta for putting us up and putting us on some fish.

To us, the next stop was an adventure that really sums up our way of life on the road these past months. We headed west to meet up with one of our good friends from back home. We all then hiked to Columbine Lake located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area near Denver, CO. As soon as we got to our lake side home for the night and set down our bags we were blindsided by a hail storm. You would think that with three guys, 200 yards of rope, and an 8x10’ tarp we would have made shelter quickly.. but that was not the case. We struggled to find a good spot to hunker down and properly secure the lines. Finally, after the weather had subsided we had one of the greatest camping experiences any of us have ever had. Catching cutthroats on the fly, eating dinner with a lake view, and eventually watching an amazing light show conducted by the sun and surrounding clouds. You can only be so prepared, which is why having good vibes when things go south is so crucial to traveling and adventuring in nature.

We move on to the last month of our trip, ready for more camping, fishing, and anything else throughout the West.