HOWLER DISPATCH: A Canadian Pit Stop

Posted on August 10, 2018

We left Wyoming and the Tetons to take a float down the river in Idaho before dumping the fuel and rolling to Bozeman, Montana.

We were both stoked to get out to Montana. The people the mountains, the rivers, the state has an adventure around every corner. We had so many things to choose from in Montana, so many parks and rivers. We decided to head up and check out Glacier National park. That night we were going over what our plans were going to be that next day when we both realized that we were only a few hours away from being able to take The van across the border and check out our neighbor Canada.

Now introducing the international howler privateer road trip. Our first stop in the great country was (no not Tim Horton’s) but to Elk River fly shop. We got set up with some streamers and some bear spray and headed into the Canadian backcountry in search of bull trout. The scenery was breathtaking. We hiked and hiked and finally found one. Being out in bear country in one of the wildest places we have ever been was unbelievable.  We ended up spending a couple days in the great land of maple syrup. The experience of being in Canada will be a hard one to beat.

We wrapped up the week with going back down to Bozeman to hangout and fish with or friends Brady and Emily Davis. We can’t thank them and the rest of the crew enough for all of the hospitality! Week 8 was a week that will forever be in our memories!