HOWLER DISPATCH: Privateers Take Off

Posted on June 14, 2018

Here we go! As week one starts to come to a very fast end, we would love to share some of our favorite parts of the trip so far.

We kicked off the trip with a little celebration and launch party for the Howler p.i. Mutation Collection at HQ. We had an incredible time meeting everyone and a thank you to all that came up and introduced yourselves to us.  

If the party wasn’t enough we got to go out and get “pitted/barreled/ toes to nose-hung12” at NLand surf park with the Howler crew. It was a heck of a fun time and an all around great experience. You have to check this place out if you are around Austin. It will blow your mind.

Austin seems to be chock full of all kinds of great places. From the loads of BBQ to the tacos, the city is rockin' on your taste buds. We tried to beat the Texas heat as much as we could by either jumping into Barton Springs or hopping in the water while we were floating down the lower Colorado while searching for the infamous Guadalupe Bass.

The city was great but then it was time to hit the road! First destination was Corpus Christi to meet up with Capt. Marcus Haralson to chase after some red fish. The fishing was tough but we were able to put a red and a trout in the boat. We also found out how a Mavic pro drone flying into your butt and legs feels like. Id compare it to getting into a fight with a very young but pissed off tiger. Or sitting on your grandma’s demon possessed cat named baby doll.

After fishing, we headed to the Texas coast surf museum and then to Houston to explore the city and to head to a Astros game. A huge thanks to Justin Verlander for the tickets and Howler’s very own Andy Stepanian for the wonderful hospitality and for the recommendation of the (El Tiempo fajitas). This is a must-go-to restaurant if you ever find yourself in Htown. Overall, Texas was great to us.

Our next stop was Louisiana aka Sportsman’s Paradise!

Many people recommended that we hit up Don’s Specialty Meats for some “kick ass boudin”. Of course,  we did. We quickly ate our weight in just about every dish that could be made from Louisiana’s famous food and headed out to meet our friends outside of New Orleans. If you have never had a snowball from one of the many mom and pop snowball shops all over the state you are doing yourself a disservice.

The next day we hit the water to chase after some reds with Cptn. Michael Leishman Jr.  What an incredible time. We pulled up into the flat with 30+ tailing redfish. The fishing was incredible. After seeing gators and 6+ foot alligator gar we realized how low on the food chain we really are in Louisiana.

The coast of Texas and Louisiana was incredible and we cant thank everyone that helped us along for the first week enough. One week down and a couple more months to go! The party is just getting started.