Posted on July 6, 2018

 We headed south from the Carolinas down to Apalachicola, Florida in search of any type of seafood, beaches to nap on, and the silver king himself. We got the party started by meeting up with Capt. Chip Smith. That night I am not sure if either of us slept. It was like Christmas Eve.  We chased tarpon all day the next day and managed to get one to eat. Watching a fish that weighs over 100 pounds jump in the air like that was unbelievable. Over the next couple days we fished with our friend Tommy and were able to convince 5 other fish to eat a fly, fighting one for an hour and even grabbing the leader. It was an experience we will never forget. Tarpon.. we will meet again someday!!

Apalachicola is chalked full of awesome people and great food. We went to town on some Oysters and some incredible shrimp.  A must stop is at Oyster City Brewing Company located in the heart of Apalach. The City is pretty rockin, especially on the third of July. We gathered around with hundreds of other people to watch some fireworks down by the river. It was a good way to prepare for the 4th.  

We have learned a lot this week. Like making sure to never get your fingers in the line after a tarpon eats, that you probably should never agree to watch someone’s pet parrot for them, and that Brett Martina can cook some mean barbecue. It was a pleasure meeting everyone down around town and over at Apalach Outfitters! Cheers!