Meet Alvin Dedeaux: Howler Ambassador

Posted on March 20, 2017

It was high time we added a lad from right here in Central TX to the Howler Ambassador roster. Anyone who has fished the waters around Austin, TX knows Alvin Dedeaux and his company All Water Guides. Or maybe you crossed paths with him during his annual summer stint with Vail Valley Anglers in Colorado. In case you don’t know him, we caught up with him recently so you could get to know the man. 

Most fly guides end up getting lured away from places like Central Texas for seemingly more exotic locales. What keeps you around Texas?
For starters, Texas is home. No matter where I go I never regret coming home. I can be having a great time and thinking I don't want it to stop, but as soon as I turn the car around or get on that first flight, I start thinking about what I'm gonna do when I get back to Austin. Where I'm gonna drink that first margarita or eat that first plate of enchiladas. Then there's the fishing. Not too many places have year round fishing like we do here in Central Texas. Hundreds of miles of bass rivers, trout in the winter and some of the best redfishing in the world just a few hours away.

You used to be in the band Bad Mutha Goose. We have a little bit of a musical pedigree ourselves. You ever get out there and sing for the people anymore?
I sing real loud in the car. I sing my kids to sleep.

You’ve got the day off, what’s in store?
I might sleep late and go fishing, or I might wake up early and go fishing.

Bad Brains, Bad Company, Bad Religion. Pick 2.
Bad Brains and Bad Company.

TexMex or BBQ?
TexMex for sure, unless I can get some TexMex BBQ

What were some of your favorite things about the recent trip to Costa Rica?
All kinds of stuff. The ocean with the mountains in the background. My first time on a surfboard (definitely not the last time!). Roosterfish smashing the surface. The fish tacos. Mountain snook. Mostly just hanging with a bunch of cool dudes, eating good food and drinking beers.

Your client asks you about Howler Bros. What do you say? (Shameless plug section)
I tell them Howler makes cool technical fishing gear that you can wear to the bar or restaurant after fishing and look cool, not look like a dork. Also, the fact that they are based here in Austin makes it even cooler.

You can see Alvin in action in the film "The Devils" below by our friends at YETI. Be sure to check out Alvin's feed on Instagram for plenty of action from Central Texas and beyond.