Meet Tegan Gainan: Howler Ambassador

Posted on May 17, 2018

We spent some time last week at MexiLogfest in La Saladita, Mexico with our newest Howler Ambassador Tegan Gainan.   MexiLogfest in an annual pilgrimage, longboard “competition” and all around good time.   Although we have been close friends and adventurers with Tegan for some time now, we wanted to go on the record with him over a few drinks to see what makes him tick.  Here’s what we know.  

So, how many times have you done this LogFest thing? 
I spent my youth coming down to Mexico every year and have been down here to La Saladita a couples times now, but this is actually my first time competing in the MexiLogFest. Epic is an understatement when describing this festival. 
What keeps bringing you back down here? 
Well, the waves first and foremost. This area if full of quality waves on beautiful beaches even when there's no swell. But the people, good vibes, culture, and food also make it well worth the trek back down here to Mex. 
How does a young Texan become a surfer? 
My family was always spending the weekends at the beach growing up and my pops has been surfing since the 70's. When my brother and I were around 8 years old we began standing up on our boogie boards in the surf. From then on my pops knew his mission was accomplished and my mom knew she was screwed. They bought us a few used surfboards and we've been cursed with the surf bug ever since.
Could you defeat Kameron Brown in the following events:
  • Arm Wrestling?  Several years ago? Definitely not. But the real estate game has him sitting at a desk a lot lately so I think I might have a chance now. 
  • Rubber raft paddling race?  Kam is a paddle machine so he'd take the win on this one.
  • Double Dutch?  Oh yeah, no question about it.
  • Bumper Boats?  Absolutely. I don't even think he know's they're equipped with squirt guns. 
Cauliflower, Facebook, Gin, Orcas, Smurfs.  Pick 2 
Eating cauliflower while watching Free Willy. 
Tell us something you love that most people don’t know about. 
Old station wagons. I frickin love old station wagons. My pops and I bought a '66 AMC Rambler a few years back but I'm a horrible classic car owner. I spend too much money on surf and fishing trips instead of keeping the car running. That shit is expensive.
You’ve been part of the Howler squad for a while.  What drew you to Howler ? (shameless promotional section) 
I discovered Howler Bros back in 2014 while doing some work with SLIDE Magazine. The radical and beachy, yet southern-inspired, angler style had me stoked on the brand right away. Especially being a surfer from Texas. It's no surprise the Howler crew is also a super solid group of dudes who never cease to amaze every season.