Pair O' Keets Mutation

Posted on June 6, 2019

If you hang around Austin long enough you’ll have this moment where you see some bright green birds fly by and you think, “What the hell were those? Am I nuts? I think they were parrots!”

Truth is, they ARE parrots, technically speaking. They are actually Monk Parakeets - part of the parrot family - and we have a healthy population of these little green buggers flying around the neighborhoods and wooded areas of Austin. Our population originated from some crafty cage dwellers who managed to get loose back in the 70’s and their ancestors are now thriving in our subtropical climate. 

To us, a strange population of bright green parakeets flying around is one of those things that makes Austin Austin. We’re always up for celebrating these types of oddities so we thought that parakeets would make a fine piece of output from the Howler Mutations laboratory. Without adieu check out the Pair O'Keets Mutation now.  

Want to know more? Here's an article from our friends over at Texas Monthly.