Same Same But Different

Posted on October 22, 2021

Sometimes the oldest thing you have is the best. Maybe it’s that worn out flannel you’ve had since 8th grade. Or your old beater guitar. No matter how many new ones you come across, they will not quite have the same feel or special magic.  Such is the case with Howler Ambassador Israel (Izzy) Preciado’s old Lance Carson longboard. Although Izzy has lots of surfboards - 83 to be exact - there is just something about this old beat up 8’9” Carson from the 90’s that Israel loves.   

One day, after a particularly good session riding this board, Izzy had an idea. He would get a few of his shaper friends to create replicas of it and then share the joy by letting some competitors in his annual MexiLogFest competition take them for a test ride. He asked Alex Patrick from Higher Latitude Films to come along for the voyage to document these boards all the way from their creation to their spots in the lineup with some of the best longboarders in the game.

Howler Brothers is proud to present these short films because they celebrate the magnificent and diverse international longboard community Izzy has curated through surfing and MexiLogFest. He is a true ambassador to the sport and to the country of Mexico. Only Izzy could bring all these people together to celebrate one beat up old orphaned surfboard!