Spring 2019 Has Landed!

Posted on February 22, 2019

Picking your favorite season is like picking your favorite song or favorite parent. You love them all for different reasons. But, here at Howler Brothers, Spring and Summer is the time we thrive. Everybody in Austin seems just a shade happier. The outdoor bars start kicking and our lakes and swimming holes start warming themselves for the plunge.

Depending on where you live, it might still be a few more months before this fever hits your town but we wanted to go ahead and unveil our brand new, super deep and tasty line for Spring 2019. We always say this, but it’s our favorite yet with a healthy dose of old favorites mixed up with a mess of new items drawn from the minds of the HB design team. We don’t know what to feature first. The Outpost Print Mansfield? Maybe. The brand new Clubman Polo? Perhaps. The new Waveform Surf Trunks?

To put all these new pieces to their paces, we took a crew down south of the border in search of perfect waves, good times, and local flavors. We met up with our Mexican brother, Israel Preciado, and ventured through the state of Michoacán to places unknown. You can catch of glimpse of the trip in the photos below. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to share the endless tacos and cervezas through the internet.

How about this? Take a look through the whole line and choose your pleasure. And, throw on this brand new and eclectic “It’s Summertime (Soon) 2019” playlist while you look around and take it all in. Listen closely, there are hints to upcoming Howler Mutations buried within.