Spring '20 is here!

Posted on February 20, 2020

Even though Howler Brothers is now ripe with year around offerings, our hearts and minds are always thinking about the warmer months. That’s when we really shine.  Creating our Spring collection every year is one of our absolute favorite things.   There is never a shortage of ideas. In fact, we often have to check ourselves with the reality that we cannot make everything we dream up.

Well, it’s finally time to unveil our Spring 2020 collection. We love it. It is rich with classic Howler offerings and a blast of really cool new things. What’s our favorite?  It’s hard to say.  The new Inspector Jacket, Voyager Shirt, Tranquilo Chillshorts and Crosscut Boardshorts are must see. As are the Monoloha Shirt, HB Chargers Boardshorts and Free Range Chinos. And, who wouldn’t want a Hermit Crab Gaucho Snapshirt?

Besides designing the collection each year, our next favorite thing is figuring out where to photograph it in action. This year, we headed to the Belize where we found plenty of clear water, cold Belikin & good people. The collection fit in just right there.

Without further adieu, check out the Howler Brothers Spring 2020 collection right now. And, while you are browsing, tune in to our Soundtrack to Spring 2020 Spotify playlist. We made the soundtrack. We just haven’t made the movie yet.