SXSW 2022

Posted on March 11, 2022

South by Southwest. SXSW. When you live in Austin, the mention of this multi-week event can elicit a wide range of emotional reactions. Utter Joy. Dread. Nostalgia. Complaints about traffic. Panic. No matter what, SXSW is an undeniably good time and we are glad it is back after a multi-year, COVID induced hiatus.

We decided to go pretty big with our involvement this year. We are hosting and sponsoring a variety of events around town and excited to see some bands that are part of the Howler Family - Dmitri and Leon III - play showcases. We want you to come see us! So look below and find a time to cross paths with us at one of our events. At minimum, we want you to come have a michelada with us on Saturday at our South Congress Outpost store.

Probably our biggest thing, and sort of a bucket list happening for us, is our involvement with our friends Aquarium Drunkard and Gold Diggers official showcase on 3/18. If you are not familiar with Aquarium Drunkard, well, it’s time you were. They are the purveyors of some of the finest musical taste making around. If you don’t happen to know what to listen to at any point in your life, we suggest just swinging by and spending a few minutes soaking it all in. And their partner venue, Gold Diggers, just so happens to be one of the coolest venues in all of LA. For the showcase, they served up a sick lineup which is highlighted by two of our absolute favorites - Zamrock pioneers, W.I.T.C.H., and 70’s British funk band Cymande. If you know, you know. Howler Brothers will be on the ground at the showcase capturing video and an inside look at the festivities. Stay tuned to all of our channels to see behind the curtain.

Unfortunately, the official showcases DO require a SXSW wristband. But all this other stuff is free and open to the public.

We can’t wait to see you. When in doubt, swing by one of our shops - the Outpost on South Congress or the Hacienda in Clarksville - and we will give you a cold drink and point you in the right direction.