• Howler x Tiki Tatsu-Ya Patch
  • Howler x Tiki Tatsu-Ya Patch

Howler x Tiki Tatsu-Ya Patch


This Howler x Tiki Tatsu-ya patch is just right for your jacket, backpack, or anywhere you need a little creative decor. Can be applied with an iron or sewn on. Each features heat sealed backing, twill embroidery and merrowed borders.

Patch is approximately 5" x 2.6"

Ironing Tips

  1. Iron-on patches work best with fabrics like cotton, denim, and polyester. Not recommended for nylon, leather, or rain jacket/rain wear material
  2. Use appropriate heat for specific fabric types; high heat for cotton and denim. Medium-high for rayon/polyester
  3. Do not use steam
  4. Press steadily down and hold (once you choose the perfect position for your patch, do not use a normal back-and-forth ironing motion. Simply press the iron down on the patch and hold in place for about 30-40 seconds)
  5. [Optional - use a pressing cloth; to protect the fabric's surface and the patch, place a cotton cloth in between the patch and the iron prior to pressing]
  6. Flip and repeat; once the patch is affixed to the fabric, turn the clothing item inside out and repeat Step 4. (Use pressing cloth if you'd like)
  7. Allow patch to cool completely before wearing
  8. Turn patched garments inside-out during washing; this can help protect the patches during the washing process