Howler Artist Series: Duke Riley

Posted on November 8, 2012

We are honored to feature Duke Riley in our latest Artist Series T-shirt: Fiji Mermaid.  A self-described “Artist and Patriot,” Duke digs up obscure historical incidents and explores them with more than a little humor and derring-do.  The boldness of his projects is matched by the thoughtful and skillful creation of the drawings and artifacts that document them.  Here are a few of our favorite projects:

After the Battle of Brooklyn:
Duke recreated a primitive submarine used during the Revolutionary War- called the Turtle- to reenact a 1776 attack on a British flagship.  He launched his one-man wooden vessel into New York Harbor and came within yards of the cruise ship Queen Mary 2 before being arrested by the Coast Guard.

Those About To Die Salute You:
In this live reenactment of Roman Naval Battle in Queens, NY, battleships were constructed from recycled materials, and hundreds of costumed participants went to battle with tomatoes and watermelon cannonballs.  Zero casualties.

Reclaiming the Lost Kingdom of Laird:
Duke kayaked out to an island in the Delaware River in the dead of the night and climbed on top of a Citgo fuel storage tank to paint the Mural of the self-proclaimed “King” Ralston Laird- whose family once occupied the island.

If you are interested in checking out more of his work, grab a beer and dig around his website: