Howler Brothers Counterfeit Website + Scam Alert

To our valued customers: Please be aware that there has been an uptick in scam/counterfeit websites purporting to be affiliated with Howler Brothers. These websites often target customers via Instagram, Facebook, Email, and other social media. These are phishing scams. 

To protect yourself from such scams, please be conscious of the following things:

Be wary of heavily discounted products

Howler Brothers only holds sales at the end of a season or over very select periods during the year.  These sales are typically only on select items and last for a limited period of time.   We will always post announcements about our sales on Instagram and our other authorized social media accounts and send a widespread email to our customer list.  If you do not see a post about a sale on our official social media accounts or receive an email (for email subscribers), then chances are good that we are not holding a sale at that time and any sale you are seeing online is an unauthorized website and a scam.

Pay attention to the website url

The only place to purchase Howler Brothers’ products are our official website or from an authorized retailer (which can be found on our retailers page.) Many knockoff websites look legitimate but have slightly different urls.

Check with us first!

If you aren’t sure about the validity of a purported Howler Brothers website, please reach out to our customer service team at or (512) 373-8233 to confirm before placing an order.