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Happy Place

Posted on April 28, 2017

This film was produced in collaboration with the good people at The Inertia and Shaper Studios This article originally appeared on The Inertia under the title "From Surfing to Fishing to Beekeeping, Kameron Brown Has Found His Happy Place"

“Do you fish at all?” Kam was paddling back toward me at the top of the point on his knees. He’d just gotten a sick wave and was making small talk.

“I’ve actually been thinking a lot recently about getting into fly fishing. It looks super fun,” I said. Kam looked at me and smiled.

“I know a guy who’s really into fly fishing,” he said.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah… Me!”

Kameron Brown is into a lot of things, but calling it that falls short of capturing the passion with which the guy dives into them. Beyond surfing and fishing, Kam tends to a garden of fruits and veggies around his home in San Juan Capistrano, hunts in the hills of Orange County, brews his own kombucha, keeps bees, has built a tiny home on his dad’s property off of Ortega Highway, and works full time as a roofing contractor. Oh, and he’s also shaped a few of his own surfboards.

In the short day we spent with Kam, it became clear that when he finds something new that he enjoys, he goes all in – learning as much as he can about the process, watching Youtube videos, and reading books. He’s also quick to share his love for things with others. Probably because he knows how much enjoyment he gets out of what he does, and just wants others to experience that joy, too.

And what’s amazing about Kam is that surfing, fishing, and hunting have all transformed the way in which he interacts with and sees his landscape. In the water, for example, we got to talking more about fly fishing, how one gets started, etc. “My buddies and I can’t wait to fly fish for carp in the L.A. River,” he said.

“Wait, you can fish in the L.A. River?” I had no idea.

“Yeah! You don’t eat the fish, obviously. But fishing for carp on the fly is super fun.”

That blew my mind. A body of water I drive over nearly every day without thinking twice suddenly had new meaning.

The guy also hunts locally, which was totally surprising even though I grew up in Orange County.

Since meeting Kam, I’ve started to look around at my environment differently – of course, not with any sort of expertise. But I’ll look at a river and wonder “Do people fish there?” or some rolling hills and wonder, “What kind of animals roam here?”

Literally and metaphorically, Kameron Brown sees things people around him don’t see precisely because he does things people around him don’t do. That doesn’t deter him though. The best part is, he’d be psyched to teach you everything he knows. All you have to do is ask.

Editor’s Note: This feature was made possible by our friends at Howler Brothers in anticipation of Shaper Studios’ Self Shape Festival happening this Saturday, April 29 at Seaside Reef in Encinitas, California.


Posted on April 5, 2017

The Howler Privateers program is back for 2017! And this year we have even more in store for the lucky winners. Dubbed by many as "the ultimate summer gig", this endeavor will take you coast to coast, let you fish, swim, surf, hang out with friends new and old, shoot photos and video and fly your Howler flag high. As last year's Privateers can attest, it is full-time adventure. We are looking for a winning pair to come on board for the Summer as the third annual Howler Privateers. You’ll get to spend some time at Howler HQ in Austin, TX and then set sail in our deluxe Howler van visiting our retailers, running pop up shops, assisting at trade shows and heeding the call at various ports of call. You’ll get paid (a little) and learn (a lot). Half of it is work but you won’t notice because it will all be fun and an adventure.

Think this is for you?  Want to know more? Then, consider these points below:

  • We are looking for two people.  Applicants MUST apply in pairs, know each other and have a history of getting along while spending time together in small spaces like vans and hotel rooms.
  • Both applicants must have a valid driver’s license with a strong driving record and background.  We are going to run all of these screens so please consider this before jumping in. Both applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age by June 1, 2017.
  • You must be available and free to travel from June 5 – August 15.  We know everyone has things going on so we will do our best to accommodate your trip back home to go to Cousin Lanny’s third wedding. BUT, generally, you must commit for this entire time period.   
  • We want self-starters and hard workers.  This is FAR from a typical Summer gig at some investment firm, but you will not always have someone from Howler accompanying you, getting you out of bed and giving you instruction. You will often be in charge of moving from place to place, creating your own agenda and generating creative content from your adventures.  
  • We love people who are handy with cameras and video cameras and that are generally savvy on things like Go-Pro cameras, video editing, social media and the written word. We also like capable people who can do things like tie knots, change tires, sketch, hang banners, "MacGyver stuff", and get barreled. 
  • We want professional and responsible people. You will represent Howler Brothers at events and trade shows, sell our goods, handle money and drive a van with our logo emblazoned on the side.  Most of this will be fun but this is no boondoggle.  
  • This is a great way to build a creative resume of video, social media and digital content.
Still interested?  If so, find your running mate, and EACH fill out the questionnaire linked below and submit no later than May 1st.

Meet Alvin Dedeaux: Howler Ambassador

Posted on March 20, 2017

It was high time we added a lad from right here in Central TX to the Howler Ambassador roster. Anyone who has fished the waters around Austin, TX knows Alvin Dedeaux and his company All Water Guides. Or maybe you crossed paths with him during his annual summer stint with Vail Valley Anglers in Colorado. In case you don’t know him, we caught up with him recently so you could get to know the man. 

Most fly guides end up getting lured away from places like Central Texas for seemingly more exotic locales. What keeps you around Texas?
For starters, Texas is home. No matter where I go I never regret coming home. I can be having a great time and thinking I don't want it to stop, but as soon as I turn the car around or get on that first flight, I start thinking about what I'm gonna do when I get back to Austin. Where I'm gonna drink that first margarita or eat that first plate of enchiladas. Then there's the fishing. Not too many places have year round fishing like we do here in Central Texas. Hundreds of miles of bass rivers, trout in the winter and some of the best redfishing in the world just a few hours away.

You used to be in the band Bad Mutha Goose. We have a little bit of a musical pedigree ourselves. You ever get out there and sing for the people anymore?
I sing real loud in the car. I sing my kids to sleep.

You’ve got the day off, what’s in store?
I might sleep late and go fishing, or I might wake up early and go fishing.

Bad Brains, Bad Company, Bad Religion. Pick 2.
Bad Brains and Bad Company.

TexMex or BBQ?
TexMex for sure, unless I can get some TexMex BBQ

What were some of your favorite things about the recent trip to Costa Rica?
All kinds of stuff. The ocean with the mountains in the background. My first time on a surfboard (definitely not the last time!). Roosterfish smashing the surface. The fish tacos. Mountain snook. Mostly just hanging with a bunch of cool dudes, eating good food and drinking beers.

Your client asks you about Howler Bros. What do you say? (Shameless plug section)
I tell them Howler makes cool technical fishing gear that you can wear to the bar or restaurant after fishing and look cool, not look like a dork. Also, the fact that they are based here in Austin makes it even cooler.

You can see Alvin in action in the film "The Devils" below by our friends at YETI. Be sure to check out Alvin's feed on Instagram for plenty of action from Central Texas and beyond. 

Spring 2017 is Here!

Posted on March 2, 2017


We are so pleased to present our Spring 2017 collection. Inspired by trips to faraway, tropical lands and the discovery of unspoiled locations known only to locals, this new line was put to the test down in Costa Rica by a few of our Brothers. Surfing, fishing, pick-up soccer games, getting lost and finding sunsets. The Spring 2017 Collection delivered. Put it to the test.


The Beginning

Posted on October 13, 2016

The "Season" is the most critical time of year for guides. It's typically when the fishing is best, the clients arrive eager, and the guides make the lion's share of their income. Although it can vary based on geography, target species and the elements, one thing holds true no matter the guide in question: it is a LOT of work. And when the Season draws to a close, guides have a chance to cut loose and have some fun of their own.

Howler Ambassador and Colorado fishing guide, Patrick Duke, guided 103 float trips in 107 days during his 2016 Season. After grinding through countless put-ins, take-outs, anchor drops, tangles, knots, hook-ups and releases, he takes advantage of his newfound liberty to blow off some steam with amigos. Rest assured he also has some personal fishing trips lined up to exotic places like Bolivia, Mexico, and some secret locales we can't disclose. Heeding his own call after putting in the work. For Patrick, the arrival of Fall is not the's The Beginning.

ACL Festival: Weekend One

Posted on October 5, 2016

The Yellow Rose Collection in the Wild

Weekend One of ACL Festival in the books! We felt it was a great time to shine a light on all the revelry... and the fine folks that made it happen. We have been blown away by the response to our Yellow Rose Collection. Hats and shirts popped up all over social media and now all around Austin.
Here are some of the highlights from Weekend One. Get down to Austin if you can make it!


Howler Bros for ACL Festival

Posted on September 27, 2016


When the good folks at ACL Festival approached us about creating a special collection of Howler goods, we jumped at the chance. We are excited to present the Yellow Rose Collection, which embodies the spirit of this iconic Austin event and pays homage to the rich musical history of Texas.

We hope you make it to Zilker Park to experience the Festival, hear some incredible music, and live it up a little. The Yellow Rose collection will no doubt help you look great while you are at it.


Howler Dispatch: THANK YOU PRIVATEER 2016 CREW

Posted on September 22, 2016


We set off onto the Homosassa River in search of any tarpon that may be remaining in these trophy waters, with a small crew and boat. Lightning cut short our quest, and we started to think about what Captain Gray had said earlier about how he still loved meeting new people out on the water. It was at that moment with the thunder resonating around us, the outboard humming, and with good company, that we realized how lucky we were to have this opportunity. Not just to experience what Mother Nature had to offer, but to be able to share those invaluable things and moments with good people, new friends and old. Thanks for housing us, teaching us, having patience with us, and most importantly sharing the journey with us. The road has finally come to an end, the 2016 Privateer Road Crew is signing out.

Now that summer has dropped below the horizon line, check out our Fall 2016 offerings to prepare for future roadtrips and explorations. We will be kicking off our Privateer submissions process in the spring so get out there and start filming. 

Thank you Garrett and Ryan!

Fall 2016 Collection has landed!

Posted on September 1, 2016


We are excited to announce the Fall 2016 collection, our strongest line-up to date. Inspired by treks down back roads, off-the-grid adventures, campfire sessions, and the elements encountered outdoors, these products help make the transition from town to terrain seamless. We headed up to the mountains of Colorado to put the new collection to the test. Watch the video and then scoop up some for yourself. 


Howler Dispatch: 2016 Privateers Wet and Wild

Posted on August 17, 2016


Four straight days of 12-plus hour drives landed us in Bend, Oregon. Upon arrival, we headed over to one of Bend’s many local breweries to decompress and plan our next move.

The following days were filled with trips along the scenic highway to get peeks at Mt. Bachelor’s peak, paddle boarding in Devil’s Lake, and fishing tiny streams for brookies just outside of the town of Sisters with new friends. Luckily a hot tip steered us towards Crater Lake before we had to depart for Outdoor Retailer convention in SLC. What an amazing spot!

During the week of OR we made plans to head to Dutch John and meet up with Howler Ambassador Colby Crossland and last year’s Howler Privateer, Drew Ruff. And after one last breakfast with our crew at the local diner, we did just that.

Drew greeted us at Dripping Springs Campground with elk and venison tacos - what an awesome start. Together we made our way to Colby Crossland's bonfire party. Colby set us up to go out fishing the next day with the infamous Thomas Flemons of Diablo Paddlesports, and boy was he out there tearing it up. After a great day on the water, we met up at Colby’s to pay our thanks and say our goodbyes, then hit the road with Drew destined for his family's place outside Steamboat, CO.

We arrived at the Ruff household shortly after sundown and admired their view. On to creek patrol in search of anything that would take a fly, then we headed up into the thick stuff to shoot some skeet and swap some stories. 

These last two weeks have been incredible to say the least as we continue to get spoiled with good times and even better people. The next leg includes the Casting for a Cure competition, Montana, and Wyoming until we start making our way back to the east coast.