Futurebirds Howlin Summer Tour

Posted on June 20, 2019

Last year, we found out we are kindred spirits with the lads from Athens, GA based band FutureBirds. These cats spend their lives working the highways and byways peddling their brand of psychedelic country tinged rock n’ roll. Along the way, they never miss a chance to cast a line, take a swim or visit some oddball landmark in this great land of ours. They are living manifestations of the Howler tag line “Heed the Call”.

Since we have our own musical leanings with our bands Wrinkle Neck Mules and, now, Leon III, the spirit of FutureBirds is one to which we can closely relate. This summer, we decided to do a bit of cross pollinating with them while they take to the streets for a long tour playing music and heeding the call along the way. Check out this mountain of tour dates they have for their “Howlin Summer Tour” (pun intended).

We’re going to follow along closely on the tour via Howler socials as they put some of our gear to work on stage and beyond. We strongly encourage the Howler faithful to go out, catch a show and introduce yourself to the band. Who knows, you might find yourself jumping off of a rock or rowing them down a river the next day.

To top it all off, they are going to be joined by our own inner squad band, Leon III, featuring Howler Founders Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent, for three big shows in Texas to cap off the tour. We’ll want to see you all out in force for those.

Want to know more about the FutureBirds? Check out this little doc about their musical life and heeding of the call.

Also, here’s a playlist they cooked up for us featuring some of their tunes and some of their faves by others. You can follow along with them while on tour here.

Photography: Alex Justice