Howler Brothers x Fort Lonesome Collection

It’s such an honor for us to work with Fort Lonesome once again on a new collection. They are bonafide artists who work in a truly unique medium. For those who are not familiar with them, we cooked up this little video to highlight their craft. You can catch a glimpse of the the inner workings of their Austin studio where they design and stitch for people like Bill Murray, Sam Beam from Iron & Wine and a laundry list of celebrity types. But they aren’t all caught up in that and they are just as happy working with anyone who wants to create something unique.  

For the collection this time, Howler Brothers Founder Chase Heard and our graphic design guru Josh Abel put their heads together with Fort Lonesome to come up with a series of desert themed icons - like ocotillo cactus, thunderheads, circling hawks and misty forms from the cosmos. The whole thing evolved into a series we are calling Desert Elements. We love it and think you will too. Remember that everything is made by hand and very limited edition so hop on it if you see something you like or else it will be gone.

We look forward to whatever is next with Fort Lonesome.