Meet Jesse Colten: Howler Ambassador

Our newest Howler Ambassador Jesse Colten is just the type of cat we love here at HB. He's a lodge owner and operator, fisherman, musician, snowmobile aficionado and all around cool fellow. And, he can do it all in both English and Spanish. We've had the privilege of hanging with Jesse in Wyoming last fall and, most recently, in his adopted home turf in the village of Xcalax on Mexico's Caribbean coast. We fired a few questions at him so you can learn the ins and outs of this fine fellow. Here it goes.

So, how in the hell did you come to own a lodge in Mexico?

Essentially by not being particularly qualified to do anything else. I dropped out of college to be a fly fishing guide and chase snow storms around the Rockies. A lot of luck, love and support from family and friends lead me to a life on the Caribbean and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Tell us one of your best guest stories. No need to name names.

My favorite client of all time:

Booked a week at the lodge. He had amazing weather the first day and caught a grand slam on the fly.

He then got hammered.

He left the lodge the following morning 5 days early, shook my hand and said “I got my money's worth.” 

Pretty sure he was Jesus.

You're originally from Colorado. What do you miss most about the west when you're away?

I miss the mountains, I miss cheeseburgers, and I miss Diana my snowmobile.

Have you ever been mistaken for Kameron Brown?

I want to be Kameron Brown when I grow up so I hope to get mistaken for him more.

What's your go-to beverage when you're in Mexico? At home?

Mexico: The Boat Drink - Mezcal, soda, lime juice, splash Oj, orange wedge, habanero tajin salt rim. Dark Michelada the following morning.

Colorado: Rum Russian.

Karate or thumb wrestling?

I’m better at karate, but I enjoy the rush from thumb wrestling.

Billy Gibbons, Billy Strings, Billy Squier, Billy Joel, Billie Eilish, Billy Ray Cyrus, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. Pick two.

If I’m picking famous billies it’s Billie Holiday and Billy Idol for me, with Billy Madison as an alternate, or maybe even Billy Clinton.

If you could compete in any Olympic event, what would it be?

Easy, bobsled with my best friends. One of the guys in the middle so I can have a few cocktails before the race.