Shaper Series: Almond Surfboards

Posted on July 9, 2018

Introducing the Howler Shaper Series

For much of surfing’s existence, commercial surfboards came in rather limited shapes and fin configurations. Sure, there were longboards and shortboards and a few different tail and nose options, but board design stayed in a rather confined lane of options and materials and rarely swerved. If you compare it to beer, there was Budweiser and Schlitz and maybe an occasional Beck’s or Heineken but no one was really making Imperial IPA or Pineapple Kolsch. 

Well, that has changed big time in the last few decades and right now we are in an absolute revolutionary period for board design and experimentation. We are excited to be a part of the revolution and team up with some of our favorite, ultra-creative board shapers for our Howler Shaper Series. This series will feature limited edition boards shaped just for Howler by a variety of different shapers and designers from all over the country.

All of the boards (that we don’t take for personal use!) are for sale at Howler World Headquarters in Austin and don our custom Howler Shaper Series logo. If you live nearby, we invite you to come by and check them out in person. You’ll want one. 

If you don't live in Austin, don’t worry. We’ll run features on the boards and shapers right here on the blog so you can learn a bit about the folks behind the boards and lust after some incredible shapes.

Featured Shaper: Almond Surfboards

Our first featured shaper is one of our favorites. Almond Surfboards. We feel like kindred spirits with the lads at Almond. They are dedicated to taking the road less traveled and creating unique, heirloom quality stuff for "Surfer-Craftsmen". It all started with their surfboard shapes which we have long admired.

When it came time to put some boards in our Howler World HQ, Almond was one of our first calls. Now, we are happy to stock a few amazing, one of a kind Almond Boards in the shop with a little Howler Brothers design bent. It's all we can do to not take these down off the rack for personal use. Here's a look.