New Approaches and Silver Linings for Fall 2020

When we started design on our Fall 2020 collection way back in the spring of 2019, we never could have imagined the state the world would be in when we got around to releasing the collection. Like everyone, we long for the days of unrestricted movement and gatherings big and small. But, in the chaos, we have found solace in stepping back, reexamining and slowing things down. We’ve surfed more, taken road trips, backpacked and listened to more music. Silver linings. 

Under ordinary circumstances, our photo shoots are big, jolly affairs. Many of the Howler crew pack up and head off to whatever exotic locale we have chosen for the shoot even if they don’t necessarily need to be there or have a “job” to do. We work hard and play a lot. Unfortunately, this year, the obvious restrictions on travel prevented us from putting on a big and social photo shoot. Instead, we carved up the collection and farmed it out to some of our favorite photogs with instructions for each of them to “do your thing." The results were awesome and it was fun for us to see how each put their own spin on Fall 2020. 

Here’s some highlights of Fall 2020 from Jonathan Nimerfroh, Boone Rodriguez, Josh Abel, and Sam Roberts