Fall '21 In Action

Howler Brothers is best known for our warm weather apparel, but we love cool weather too. We spend a lot of time in the mountains, on western rivers and in coastal places where you need a jacket as soon as the sun dips out of sight. So, each year, we keep diving deeper and deeper into our creative output for fall and winter using fleece, cotton flannel, Primaloft and other tasty ingredients in new, stylin’ and useable gear for cool and downright cold weather. Our Fall 2021 Collection is our deepest fall collection to date. We love it and hope you do as well.

We found a few gaps in the COVID madness to get out of Texas and snap some photos so all you fine folks can see the new goods in action. We chose one of our favorite mountain theaters, Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming, for a little fishing, hanging and even a bit of climbing. Next, we took the crew for a journey from Malibu all the way to Big Sur in mighty California. It was sure nice to be on the move again and rally some members of the Howler Ambassadorship together. We hope you enjoy the collection and the pics of us having a good time with it.

We pulled together a new Spotify playlist to accompany our Fall 2021 Collection. Click here and give some spins to Take a Deep Breath : A Companion to Fall 2021 from Howler Music. It'll make you feel good. Be sure to click save and also follow us on Spotify so you can get all the past and future Howler Music goodness.