Aquarium Drunkard x Gold Diggers x HB Austin Party

Last week was a big week in Austin. The big music conference fiesta made its big comeback and so too did the many parties that come with it - day parties, night parties, morning parties, showcases and more parties. Working is hardly an option.

We were glad to dip our toe into the fray by supporting a number of events and, yes, throwing a few of our own parties. We even got to team up with our friends at Aquarium Drunkard and Gold Diggers LA for a big throw down at Lucille which featured some of our favorite bands. Many of us at Howler HQ have waited years for the chance to see Zambian rock demigods W.I.T.C.H. who have only recently started touring again. On top of that, British world music heroes Cymande also made an appearance along with Steve Gunn, Ada Lea, Marina Allen & Kiwi Jr. It was a packed house and a blast. Here’s a little video we put together to capture the essence of the whole thing and a whole bunch of great still shots taken by our very own Josh Abel.