Howler Brothers x Indifly : Kio Kio Collection

Posted on October 13, 2020

We are glad to be back at it to create a little collection which benefits our friends at Indifly. This time we are celebrating their work in the Anaa Atoll in French Polynesia. Their efforts have brought not only conservation but also sustainable livelihoods to the 500 people who call Anaa home. We thought nothing could be more appropriate than putting a bonefish (kio kio to the locals on Anaa) on one of our Sheridan Shirts and hats in order to help the cause. 

We encourage you to watch this video, made with the help of Costa Del Mar, about Anaa.

It’s a beautiful place full of kio kio! And go to to read more about their mission. Get involved. Here’s a little photo collection of Anaa to tempt you. Photos by Josh Hutchins (@aussieflyfisher).