Mexi Log Fest 2022 : Days of Joy in Sayulita

A huge pack of us just got back from Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico where we spent 10 sun and wave filled days and many foggy nights taking in the spectacle that is Mexi Log Fest.  This event holds a massively large place in our hearts. There is just so much to love.  It was conceived by Howler Ambassador Izzy Preciado as a way to bring longboarding at its highest level to Mexico to showcase the country and its waves and give Mexican surfers the opportunity to compete against the best right in their home waters.  Yes, it’s a competition. But it seems more like a celebration.  People from all over the world gather to surf, dance, drink margies (say it “mar-geeys”) and take in some of the finest longboarding you will see anywhere ever.

This year delivered in a big way.  We had 4 Howler Ambassadors surfing in the competition (Tegan Gainan, Nate Floyd, Izzy Preciado & Nacho Pignataro). Somehow, Howler Ambassador Kai Welch managed to become the official starter of all heats on finals day with the blow of his trumpet.  The finals themselves had to be one of the most joy filled events we have ever witnessed as Sayulita’s own Jonathan “Gordo” Melendres took home the crown with some absolutely amazing surfing and big smiles.  He was the first Mexican surfer to make the final and take home the crown.  The entire town was behind him and the vibe was infectious.  Clearly, Izzy has accomplished his goal of elevating Mexican surfing. It was a sight to behold.

Our very own Nacho Pignataro made the final once again and finished in third.  His surfing is so elegant and amazing and we are proud that he, Tegan, Nate & Izzy ride for Team Howler.

Until next year, take in these awesome photos by our dearest friend Jonathan Nimerfroh.