Spring 2021 - Our Most Well Traveled Collection (and we never left home)

Never in our history have we been so excited to launch a new collection! Honestly. Having a small apparel brand in the last year has been full of ups, downs and unpredictable moments. We learned a lot and hardly an hour passed where we were not thankful for the incredible community that has grown around Howler Brothers. Since you’re reading this, you are part of it so thank you.

During the early stages of the COVID pandemic, it was hard to know exactly how to proceed.  Would manufacturing be interrupted? Will people stop buying things? What will happen to our retail partners? How much stuff should we make for fall 2020 and spring 2021. Absent a crystal ball, we just tried to do the best we could and focus on what we could reasonably predict. And, we kept doing what we do best and have the most fun doing - creating things.

Usually, when we have a new collection release, one of the ways we celebrate is by rushing off to some exotic locale with a pack of Howler Ambassadors and brothers in tow for a photo shoot. Of course, these photo shoots are full of good times and don’t feel much like work. For this year, we reluctantly had to take a different approach. Many international destinations are closed and travel anywhere did not seem the most prudent. So, we decided to send a bunch of our Spring 2021 Collection off to various corners of the world to some of our Howler Ambassadors and let them run the show. What they sent back was awesome. Take a look below and see our Spring 2021 Collection in action with our Ambassadors Ignacio Pignataro in Uruguay, Christiaan Pretorius in Namibia and Izzy Preciado in Mexico.  All of them brought along their crew to join the action. This is our most well traveled collection that’s for sure.