Welcome Ambassador Diego Solis

We are oh so pleased to add Diego Solis to the esteemed Howler Brothers Ambassadors ranks. We got to know Captain Diego a few years back while spending some days on the front of his skiff while he guided a few of us into a bounty of redfish in South Texas. We loved him instantly and he quickly became a guy we called when scheduling our seasonal photo shoots in some faraway land. He’s perfect for these shoots for the same reason he’s a good guide. He’s patient and easy going but also focused and on his game. We caught up with Diego recently and told him it was high time we officially added him to the Ambassador ranks. Here’s the conversation….

Where do you find yourself today?

Diego Solis: I am currently living in Boqueron, Puerto Rico, working for No Name Lodge. I've been here since March, and just instantly fell in love with the culture, the island and the fishery. I’ll be here until September. Then back to Texas for 2 months before going to San Carlos, Mexico to close out the year with the Los Locos boys.

Your family is from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, but you grew up on the US side in Laredo, Texas. If you could pick one food item from each side of the border, what would it be?

DS: This is a tough one, but on the Mexico side I’d have to say my dad's carne asada is my absolute favorite. He makes arrachera fajitas with costillas de res and frijoles borrachos on the side. And of course you gotta have avocado, various salsas, and some homemade tortillas to go with it. On the US side, I’d have to go with a súper torta from my buddy’s restaurant, Bolillos Cafe in Laredo, TX.

When the day is done and you’re driving home from the boat ramp, what’s on the stereo?

DS: It all depends on the mood. I love music. A go-to is Kendrick, Outkast, or A Tribe Called Quest. Lately here in Puerto Rico, I’ve been listening to a lot of Tego Calderon, and Bad Bunny.

How did you get into fly fishing and then guiding?

DS: The addiction started back in college while I was attending Texas State University. I Picked up a fly rod and never looked back. Once I got a taste of the saltwater, and what it meant to pole a boat and hunt for fish on the flats, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

You seem to bounce around guiding quite a bit. From Texas to Puerto Rico and beyond. Any favorite spots? Or are you happy wherever you happen to be at any given moment?

DS: It’s been a wild ride this year. I’ve been very fortunate, and blessed to get the opportunity to guide in some amazing places. Right now my heart is in Puerto Rico and San Carlos, Mexico. I fell in love with everything they have to offer. No Name Lodge and Los Locos Mag Bay have something very special going on. It’s been a lot of fun being a part of the team and family.

Do you think you could dunk on Sam Roberts (Howler Brothers Senior Marketing Manager)?

DS: Mhmm, I doubt I can dunk on him. But I can definitely give him buckets haha. I didn’t have much hops, it’s all mid-range and post-up game. We need to run a one-on-one someday.

Explain how Howler Brothers has made you who you are today and why you would be nothing without us.

DS: Man, ever since hanging out with you guys at my first Borracho Pescador Tournament a few years ago, life has been a trip. The relationships and opportunities that have presented themselves since then are all thanks to you guys. I wouldn’t be on this crazy journey if it wasn’t for the Howler Fam. I am forever grateful for that.