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Shaper Series: Black Rose Manufacturing

Posted on August 13, 2018

Featured Shaper: Black Rose Manufacturing

We share a design mentality with Black Rose Surfboards. A brainchild of Howler amigo and Florida longboard guru Justin Quintal, Black Rose's designs strike a critical balance between current trends and historic ideas. Their boards pay homage to the past but incorporate modern design and progressive materials to create "timeless surf equipment". We love having a few of these creations around Howler World Headquarters.

Here's what they look like...

HOWLER DISPATCH: A Canadian Pit Stop

Posted on August 10, 2018

We left Wyoming and the Tetons to take a float down the river in Idaho before dumping the fuel and rolling to Bozeman, Montana.

We were both stoked to get out to Montana. The people the mountains, the rivers, the state has an adventure around every corner. We had so many things to choose from in Montana, so many parks and rivers. We decided to head up and check out Glacier National park. That night we were going over what our plans were going to be that next day when we both realized that we were only a few hours away from being able to take The van across the border and check out our neighbor Canada.

Now introducing the international howler privateer road trip. Our first stop in the great country was (no not Tim Horton’s) but to Elk River fly shop. We got set up with some streamers and some bear spray and headed into the Canadian backcountry in search of bull trout. The scenery was breathtaking. We hiked and hiked and finally found one. Being out in bear country in one of the wildest places we have ever been was unbelievable.  We ended up spending a couple days in the great land of maple syrup. The experience of being in Canada will be a hard one to beat.

We wrapped up the week with going back down to Bozeman to hangout and fish with or friends Brady and Emily Davis. We can’t thank them and the rest of the crew enough for all of the hospitality! Week 8 was a week that will forever be in our memories!

HOWLER DISPATCH: Getting Western

Posted on August 2, 2018

The term getting western is usually overused or over exaggerated. It’s something that us “non westerners” like to poke fun at.. that being said.. Things got WESTERN this past week. We kicked off our trip with a pit stop into one of the most beautiful mountain towns in America, Buena Vista, Colorado!  

We floated down Browns Canyon National Monument and managed to catch a few fish. The town has some breathtaking views of the 14rs, some of the nicest most hospitable people you will ever meet, and some dang good whisky. If you find yourself out in the 1 stop light town of BV make sure to go taste some for yourself at the Deer Hammer. We had a great time hanging out with the crew at the Trailhead and enjoyed meeting all the people who came by to say hey!

Colorado is known for several things, one of the main things is its incredible rivers filled with fish. With that comes the need for good guides and good fly shops. We had the great opportunity of experiencing both of those this past week with Minturn Anglers and Trouts Fly Fishing! We had so much fun hanging out with everyone and look forward to getting back to Colorado to visit again soon.

In the midst of everything we got to hangout in Denver for a few days for OR! It's always a blast meeting new people at events like that, and OR was no exception. It was a true pleasure hanging with everyone there.  Thanks for following along! Now it's time for us to get back to “getting western.”


Posted on July 26, 2018

Our trip around the coast of Florida was far from over after Week 4.. After celebrating the 4th of July with some friends we headed south down to Tampa! We met up with our friend Daniel Norris while he was down at the Tigers Spring training doing some rehab. Daniel is a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers but shares many of the some passions for the outdoors that we do. So when Daniel said we could get the van on the field we whipped the ol bull straight into center field. A huge thanks to him for that.

After exploring Tampa for a bit we had a few days to kill before heading to Orlando for ICAST. We figured if we came that far we might as well go big and head down to Key West. We sampled the local food, including the fresh coconuts. We gave a shot at trying to catch some Islamorada bonefish but as much as we didn’t want to leave we had to head to Orlando.

ICAST was an absolute blast. We had a heck of a time meeting everyone and thank you all for the kind encouraging words as well as following along with our trip so far.

After ICAST we loaded up the booth and got back on the road to Memphis, Tennessee! Of course we had to start off the tour with some of the best barbecue around at Central BBQ! The pulled pork sandwich is named the #1 for a reason. You have to make the pit stop if you find yourself in the 901. It was great hanging out with friends and family out at Dixie Pickers! Thanks to everyone that came out and as always thank you to everyone who has helped us along so far. Now its time to get western.

Shaper Series: Almond Surfboards

Posted on July 9, 2018

Introducing the Howler Shaper Series

For much of surfing’s existence, commercial surfboards came in rather limited shapes and fin configurations. Sure, there were longboards and shortboards and a few different tail and nose options, but board design stayed in a rather confined lane of options and materials and rarely swerved. If you compare it to beer, there was Budweiser and Schlitz and maybe an occasional Beck’s or Heineken but no one was really making Imperial IPA or Pineapple Kolsch. 

Well, that has changed big time in the last few decades and right now we are in an absolute revolutionary period for board design and experimentation. We are excited to be a part of the revolution and team up with some of our favorite, ultra-creative board shapers for our Howler Shaper Series. This series will feature limited edition boards shaped just for Howler by a variety of different shapers and designers from all over the country.

All of the boards (that we don’t take for personal use!) are for sale at Howler World Headquarters in Austin and don our custom Howler Shaper Series logo. If you live nearby, we invite you to come by and check them out in person. You’ll want one. 

If you don't live in Austin, don’t worry. We’ll run features on the boards and shapers right here on the blog so you can learn a bit about the folks behind the boards and lust after some incredible shapes.

Featured Shaper: Almond Surfboards

Our first featured shaper is one of our favorites. Almond Surfboards. We feel like kindred spirits with the lads at Almond. They are dedicated to taking the road less traveled and creating unique, heirloom quality stuff for "Surfer-Craftsmen". It all started with their surfboard shapes which we have long admired.

When it came time to put some boards in our Howler World HQ, Almond was one of our first calls. Now, we are happy to stock a few amazing, one of a kind Almond Boards in the shop with a little Howler Brothers design bent. It's all we can do to not take these down off the rack for personal use. Here's a look.



Posted on July 6, 2018

 We headed south from the Carolinas down to Apalachicola, Florida in search of any type of seafood, beaches to nap on, and the silver king himself. We got the party started by meeting up with Capt. Chip Smith. That night I am not sure if either of us slept. It was like Christmas Eve.  We chased tarpon all day the next day and managed to get one to eat. Watching a fish that weighs over 100 pounds jump in the air like that was unbelievable. Over the next couple days we fished with our friend Tommy and were able to convince 5 other fish to eat a fly, fighting one for an hour and even grabbing the leader. It was an experience we will never forget. Tarpon.. we will meet again someday!!

Apalachicola is chalked full of awesome people and great food. We went to town on some Oysters and some incredible shrimp.  A must stop is at Oyster City Brewing Company located in the heart of Apalach. The City is pretty rockin, especially on the third of July. We gathered around with hundreds of other people to watch some fireworks down by the river. It was a good way to prepare for the 4th.  

We have learned a lot this week. Like making sure to never get your fingers in the line after a tarpon eats, that you probably should never agree to watch someone’s pet parrot for them, and that Brett Martina can cook some mean barbecue. It was a pleasure meeting everyone down around town and over at Apalach Outfitters! Cheers!

Doce Días - A Howler Surf Film

Posted on June 29, 2018

Mexi Log Fest in La Saladita, Mexico is a magical blend of waves, tacos, tequila and friends new and old. The event bills itself as a "Classic Longboard and Lifestyle Festival" but we find that it is so much more than that. It is truly one of the best hangs around.

Consequently, we cannot resist making the pilgrimage each year to take it all in and link up with people from all walks of the surfing world. This year, we asked our friend, filmmaker Evan Adamson, to cook up a little surf vid of amigos Nate Floyd and Tegan Gainan enjoying the spoils. This is Doce Días


HOWLER DISPATCH: Tour De Carolinas

Posted on June 29, 2018

We Left Tennessee and headed for the East Coast! After a couple pit stops we made it to Virginia Beach. The next day we started our way south. It was hard to stay in the van long. It seemed like every few miles we would see something we had to check out.

After cruising through the Outer Banks we arrived in North Carolina. We loved hanging out with the great people at GOP in Wilmington but it was time to head even more south. Charleston, South Carolina.  We had only planned to stay a couple days, but there was just too much to see and do.

Our first stop in the city had to be at the incredible Lewis Barbeque. We figured if you are going to do it do it right and order everything on the menu. Big thanks to our friends at Badfish for showing us how to do it. We ended up staying several days in the city eating BBQ and seafood, hanging on the beach at Sullivan’s Island, and floating around out in the low country flats.

The fishing was difficult but we had a blast poling thru the grass. Big thanks to our guide Jorge! To all the people in the Carolinas who we had the pleasure of drinking modelos, eating some kick ass grits, and to the people who let us crash.. Thank you. Each week we always end up talking about how great the people that we get to meet are. The Low country is no different. Adios amigos. Next Stop.. Tarpon country.

Howler Brothers x Indifly : Golden Frog Collection

Posted on June 27, 2018

Our friends at Indifly set out to create an organization which protects fisheries and provides sustainable livelihoods for indigenous peoples. It's mission is accomplished through the development of community owned fly fishing ecotourism operations that directly benefit from local resource conservation.

Indifly is a forward looking, long term vision that protects people AND place stewarded by Howler Ambassador Oliver White and other awesome people in the fly fishing world. Learn more and see how you can help at

Indifly pioneered it's work in the jungles of the South American nation of Guyana, home of the the rare and incredible Kaieteur Golden Frog. We could not resist putting this amazing little amphibian on a few Howler Brothers staples to help the cause. Hop on the Howler x Indifly : Golden Frog collection



Posted on June 21, 2018

Well, the first week was pretty unbelievable down on the Gulf Coast, but we were excited to head north. After spending a day in Grayton Beach State Park we headed up to Atlanta, Georgia to hangout with our friends at High Country Outfitters. We had a great time grilling burgers for our new friends down in the ol’ ATL. Thanks to everyone who came out!

The next day after doing some SUP Yoga on the Chattahoochee, we headed up to Blue Ridge, Georgia to toss some hoppers for some giant  Blue Ridge ‘bows. It was pretty unbelievable watching fish after fish hammer dry flies in the creeks of north Georgia. A huge thank you to Blue Ridge Fly Shops for hooking us up. That was a day we won’t forget!

Next it was off to the best state in the whole bag of 50. The great state of Tennessee! We kicked off our stay in our home state at a buddy’s cabin up in Tellico Plains. If you ever find yourself in lower east Tennessee, take a drive up the small back road up Tellico and make sure to stop at Bald River falls. It’s a sight to see. We headed up to Knoxville for the trade show the following day.

Knoxville is a pretty awesome place. It’s just a short drive to Smoky Mountains, several lakes, and some great rivers. We got to enjoy a cool view of the smokies while zip lining over the treetops with the great people at Climb Works. An awesome experience.  

We had some killer food (best Mexican food is definitely El Mezcal) and enjoyed spending time with our family and friends at the local Bearden Beer market and out on lake Loudon. We finished the week off by chowing down on some shrimp with some family.

Thanks to everyone who continues to let us crash, buys us beer, messages us recommendations. It is greatly appreciated!! Cheers