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El Patrón

Posted on July 8, 2019

It's no secret that Mexi Log Fest is one of our absolute favorite events. Cool tunes, amazing people and plenty o' longboard riding. Get a taste of what it's like in La Saladita during this annual pilgrimage by checking out our brand new video feature on Howler Ambassador and Mexi Log Fest capitán Israel Preciado. Then top of your dome with the Super Bueno hat we created for this year's competition.

Howlin’ Summer Tour Dispatch

Posted on July 3, 2019

Our amigos Futurebirds keep rolling through their Howlin’ Summer Tour and filling up rooms along the Pacific Coast. So far, the tour has been an epic journey of friends new and old, Smirnoff Ice challenges and day off trips to beach and mountain outposts. The vibe is thick.

Next week, the parade heads towards Texas for three big shows followed by a tour ending blowout bash in New Orleans at the 6th Street Get Down. The plot thickens for these shows as the Birds will be joined by Leon III - a band consisting of a few Howler insiders Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent. We even have a show right here in Austin, TX on July 11 that’s sure to be a fiesta. If you’re in Texas or the Big Easy, make plans to hit one of these shows.

Many of the Howler faithful know that music is a rich part of our backstory. Howler founders Chase Heard, Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent have spent nearly two decades recording and touring with their band Wrinkle Neck Mules. In fact, the idea for Howler Brothers was born out of their time on the road with the Mules.

Last year, Mason and Andy built a little side project to the Mules called Leon III. Their self-titled first album, which came out last May, has been called “poetic” (American Songwriter) and a “detour into the psych rock wilderness” (Blue Ridge Outdoors). They’ve been steadily touring behind the album ever since and their second release is nearly complete. Take a listen on Spotify to see for yourself.

You see, it was a no brainer to mix up our own musical leanings with the sorcery of Futurebirds to see what happened. It’s safe to say we are excited about these upcoming shows and what alchemy might result. Hope to see everyone in TX and Louisiana out for the party. 

Also, be sure to check out the playlist Futurebirds cooked up for us featuring some of their tunes and some of their faves by others below.


Hill Country Sliders

Posted on June 24, 2019

The legend of the Hill Country Sliders is real. We recently unearthed footage of this landlocked surf posse on a treacherous voyage away from their outpost. Take a look and see for yourself. Then stock up on the full Hill Country Sliders collection before it becomes folklore.

Futurebirds Howlin Summer Tour

Posted on June 20, 2019

Last year, we found out we are kindred spirits with the lads from Athens, GA based band FutureBirds. These cats spend their lives working the highways and byways peddling their brand of psychedelic country tinged rock n’ roll. Along the way, they never miss a chance to cast a line, take a swim or visit some oddball landmark in this great land of ours. They are living manifestations of the Howler tag line “Heed the Call”.

Since we have our own musical leanings with our bands Wrinkle Neck Mules and, now, Leon III, the spirit of FutureBirds is one to which we can closely relate. This summer, we decided to do a bit of cross pollinating with them while they take to the streets for a long tour playing music and heeding the call along the way. Check out this mountain of tour dates they have for their “Howlin Summer Tour” (pun intended).

We’re going to follow along closely on the tour via Howler socials as they put some of our gear to work on stage and beyond. We strongly encourage the Howler faithful to go out, catch a show and introduce yourself to the band. Who knows, you might find yourself jumping off of a rock or rowing them down a river the next day.

To top it all off, they are going to be joined by our own inner squad band, Leon III, featuring Howler Founders Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent, for three big shows in Texas to cap off the tour. We’ll want to see you all out in force for those.

Want to know more about the FutureBirds? Check out this little doc about their musical life and heeding of the call.

Also, here’s a playlist they cooked up for us featuring some of their tunes and some of their faves by others. You can follow along with them while on tour here.

Photography: Alex Justice

Pair O' Keets Mutation

Posted on June 6, 2019

If you hang around Austin long enough you’ll have this moment where you see some bright green birds fly by and you think, “What the hell were those? Am I nuts? I think they were parrots!”

Truth is, they ARE parrots, technically speaking. They are actually Monk Parakeets - part of the parrot family - and we have a healthy population of these little green buggers flying around the neighborhoods and wooded areas of Austin. Our population originated from some crafty cage dwellers who managed to get loose back in the 70’s and their ancestors are now thriving in our subtropical climate. 

To us, a strange population of bright green parakeets flying around is one of those things that makes Austin Austin. We’re always up for celebrating these types of oddities so we thought that parakeets would make a fine piece of output from the Howler Mutations laboratory. Without adieu check out the Pair O'Keets Mutation now.  

Want to know more? Here's an article from our friends over at Texas Monthly. 

Tiki Time and The Monkey Wrench Cocktail

Posted on May 13, 2019

Who doesn’t love tiki drinks? Crazy and sometimes dangerous concoctions with names like Suffering Bastard and Singapore Sling are right up our alley here at the Howler Mutations Laboratory. In celebration, we put together our newest mutation, Tiki Time, complete with our Tiki Time print Mansfield Shirt, hat and t-shirt.

We even made up our own Tiki Time glassware and a very special cocktail we call The Monkey Wrench. Get ahold of one of these glasses and check out this little video we made at Pool Burger, one of our favorite spots here in Austin, to see how to mix up a Monkey Wrench for yourself. Cheers.


First, combine:

  • Reposado Tequila
  • Aged dark rum
  • Grapefruit syrup
  • Fresh lime
  • Fresh orange juice
  • And pimento dram in a shaker tin.

Shake vigorously with proper form and attendant facial expressions.

Now strain it all over pebble ice into a Monkey Wrench Double Old Fashioned glass. Float eight dashes. Not seven. Not nine. Eight dashes of Angostura bitters on top.

Now, garnish with festive garnishes.

We present The Monkey Wrench. Now, Sit back, relax and get wrench’d.

Gallos Galore!

Posted on April 8, 2019

Roosters strut in the streets of all the places we love. We just got back from Mexico. Roosters everywhere. Bahamas photo shoot last year? Roosters. Costa Rica? Roosters. Hell, they are even cruising all around Austin and asserting their early rising tendencies. There's just a romance about them that we love so from the very beginning of Howler, roosters were a no-brainer to adorn some of our favorite garments.

It all started with the now famous Rooster Gaucho Snapshirt. Want one? Well, you better have $400+ ready to bid on eBay. Since then, we've put roosters on everything from t-shirts to belt buckles. For Spring 2019, we went the biggest of all with our festive Gallos Galore print. It's a celebration of everything we love about the rooster and a defining print for the season. We even have a Gallos Galore Surfboard.

Here's to the rooster.


Howler Brothers X Helms Workshop

Posted on April 4, 2019

Our friends at Austin design shop Helms Workshop have been around since the inception of Howler Brothers. When we were dreaming up this little idea, they were there to help us put meat on the bones and brainstorm 10,000 ideas. They even helped dream up our beloved Howler Monkey icon logo which defines us in so many ways.

Last year, we had a blast collaborating with them on our “Old Friends, New Horizons” Artist Series. We had a great big party here in Austin at the home of our mutual friends Austin Beer Works to celebrate some bad ass threads we collectively designed featuring coral snakes and Texas birds of paradise. We even had a commemorative beer can featuring the art from the series for everyone to sip on.

Since that first collaborative collection sold out in, like, no time we wanted to do it again in 2019. We love what we came up with and think you will too. Instead of focusing on some far away place for our inspiration, we kept our minds local and focused on the flora and fauna close to our mutual home in Austin. As expected, there are some really cool and unique things right outside of our door. We bet the same holds true where you live. So, check out what we did with Helms and take a look around your own locale this Spring and Summer and heed that call.

And, if you want to come to our launch party and see the whole thing, meet the Helms crew and drink out of this year's commemorative can, stay tuned on our Instagram and email for the full announcement. It'll be a blast.

Los Hermanos de Howler

Posted on March 15, 2019

In early 2019, we took a crew down south of the border in search of perfect waves, good times, and local flavors. We met up with our Mexican brother, Israel Preciado, and ventured through the state of Michoacán to places unknown. What we found were pristine breaks, endless tacos and cervezas bien frias. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to share the tacos and cervezas through the internet.

Howler Guide to SXSW 2019

Posted on March 8, 2019

It is that time of year again.   The time everyone in Austin loves to hate and hates to love.  South by Southwest week is upon us.  That means LOTS AND LOTS of people in town, LOTS AND LOTS of parties and music of unknown origin and utility and LOTS AND LOTS of people walking our fair city acting like they own the place.  

Here at Howler, we welcome the masses with open arms.  Last year, we prepped a little guide to help you eat right and look cool while you are here.  This year, we invite you to come by Howler Brothers World Headquarters to get the inside skinny on Austin.  Our doors are wide open all day Monday through Friday 9AM - 7PM and Saturday and Sunday 9AM - 5PM.  We promise to have cold beer available - even at 9AM - and our guru on all things ATX available for consultation.  Just ask for Simon the Jester and use the code word “chesthair” and he will be at your service to make sure you don’t end up eating at that nationally known but locally doubted taco place or attend the wrong musical performances. 

Speaking of music, please go check out Howler Founders’ Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent and their band Leon III.   They have four shows in town for SXSW week.  Here’s the rundown.  Visit their Instagram @leonthethird for information on how to RSVP for these shows.  All are free with no wristband required.   

And, here’s our second annual SXSW playlist with some of our favorites who are hitting town this week.  Be good and stay hydrated.