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Howler Brothers X Helms Workshop

Posted on April 4, 2019

Our friends at Austin design shop Helms Workshop have been around since the inception of Howler Brothers. When we were dreaming up this little idea, they were there to help us put meat on the bones and brainstorm 10,000 ideas. They even helped dream up our beloved Howler Monkey icon logo which defines us in so many ways.

Last year, we had a blast collaborating with them on our “Old Friends, New Horizons” Artist Series. We had a great big party here in Austin at the home of our mutual friends Austin Beer Works to celebrate some bad ass threads we collectively designed featuring coral snakes and Texas birds of paradise. We even had a commemorative beer can featuring the art from the series for everyone to sip on.

Since that first collaborative collection sold out in, like, no time we wanted to do it again in 2019. We love what we came up with and think you will too. Instead of focusing on some far away place for our inspiration, we kept our minds local and focused on the flora and fauna close to our mutual home in Austin. As expected, there are some really cool and unique things right outside of our door. We bet the same holds true where you live. So, check out what we did with Helms and take a look around your own locale this Spring and Summer and heed that call.

And, if you want to come to our launch party and see the whole thing, meet the Helms crew and drink out of this year's commemorative can, stay tuned on our Instagram and email for the full announcement. It'll be a blast.

Los Hermanos de Howler

Posted on March 15, 2019

In early 2019, we took a crew down south of the border in search of perfect waves, good times, and local flavors. We met up with our Mexican brother, Israel Preciado, and ventured through the state of Michoacán to places unknown. What we found were pristine breaks, endless tacos and cervezas bien frias. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to share the tacos and cervezas through the internet.

Howler Guide to SXSW 2019

Posted on March 8, 2019

It is that time of year again.   The time everyone in Austin loves to hate and hates to love.  South by Southwest week is upon us.  That means LOTS AND LOTS of people in town, LOTS AND LOTS of parties and music of unknown origin and utility and LOTS AND LOTS of people walking our fair city acting like they own the place.  

Here at Howler, we welcome the masses with open arms.  Last year, we prepped a little guide to help you eat right and look cool while you are here.  This year, we invite you to come by Howler Brothers World Headquarters to get the inside skinny on Austin.  Our doors are wide open all day Monday through Friday 9AM - 7PM and Saturday and Sunday 9AM - 5PM.  We promise to have cold beer available - even at 9AM - and our guru on all things ATX available for consultation.  Just ask for Simon the Jester and use the code word “chesthair” and he will be at your service to make sure you don’t end up eating at that nationally known but locally doubted taco place or attend the wrong musical performances. 

Speaking of music, please go check out Howler Founders’ Andy Stepanian and Mason Brent and their band Leon III.   They have four shows in town for SXSW week.  Here’s the rundown.  Visit their Instagram @leonthethird for information on how to RSVP for these shows.  All are free with no wristband required.   

And, here’s our second annual SXSW playlist with some of our favorites who are hitting town this week.  Be good and stay hydrated. 

Spring 2019 Has Landed!

Posted on February 22, 2019

Picking your favorite season is like picking your favorite song or favorite parent. You love them all for different reasons. But, here at Howler Brothers, Spring and Summer is the time we thrive. Everybody in Austin seems just a shade happier. The outdoor bars start kicking and our lakes and swimming holes start warming themselves for the plunge.

Depending on where you live, it might still be a few more months before this fever hits your town but we wanted to go ahead and unveil our brand new, super deep and tasty line for Spring 2019. We always say this, but it’s our favorite yet with a healthy dose of old favorites mixed up with a mess of new items drawn from the minds of the HB design team. We don’t know what to feature first. The Outpost Print Mansfield? Maybe. The brand new Clubman Polo? Perhaps. The new Waveform Surf Trunks?

To put all these new pieces to their paces, we took a crew down south of the border in search of perfect waves, good times, and local flavors. We met up with our Mexican brother, Israel Preciado, and ventured through the state of Michoacán to places unknown. You can catch of glimpse of the trip in the photos below. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to share the endless tacos and cervezas through the internet.

How about this? Take a look through the whole line and choose your pleasure. And, throw on this brand new and eclectic “It’s Summertime (Soon) 2019” playlist while you look around and take it all in. Listen closely, there are hints to upcoming Howler Mutations buried within.

Meet Nate Floyd: Howler Ambassador

Posted on January 3, 2019

Nate “the Flannel” Floyd is not just a Howler Ambassador.  He is an ambassador for the good life in the State of Texas and a poster child for the Texas surfing scene.  Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Nate has traveled far and wide to catch waves but always comes home to the unheralded and unpredictable waters of Texas.  We caught up with Nate just after a recent Fall swell to see what was on his mind. 

So, we finally got some waves huh? Why?
Because winter is coming. Every year as summer comes to a close, TX surfers are treated with cooler temps, increased surf activity, and thinner crowds. As cool fronts start to swoop down from the North, the Gulf tends to churn up and come to life.

As a surfer in Texas, do you sometimes feel like you are part meteorologist, part psychologist and part oceanographer?
I feel like a full time meteorologist and a part time crazy person hahaha. It is nearly impossible to predict the surf here on the TX coast, even after spending a couple of decades racking my brain over it. A lot of luck, patience, and right place right time is truly the equation. But I am most definitely in tune with the weather.

You have this cool nickname “the Flannel.”  You’re dad is called “Frankchop.” How did those names come to be?  
“The Flannel” is just one nickname among many through the years: manchild, hairygrom, nasty Nate, etc.  Frank Chop got his sobriquet from his unmistakable karate chop like posture he takes up during certain surf positions. He chops the lip right off the wave haha.

When things go flat around here, what’s the first destination you start thinking of heading?
Local destinations through the years have been the greater Austin area, while extending South into Mexico has been my true calling.

What was it like getting shot by a firehose in the video for our Aguacero Rain Jacket?   That has to sting a little.
I asked the firefighter if he was any good at this and he looked at me surprised and said, “I’ve never sprayed anyone before with the hose.” I then replied by asking if he had been hit with it and he asked me if I was crazy hahaha...they only hit me at half force and it could easily have knocked me off my feet if I wasn’t prepared for it and heavy footing it haha. It stung for sure, maybe even had a slightly bruised rib for a week or so; but I had secretly wanted to know what being shot by a firehose felt like my entire life so it was fully worth the experience.

  Could you defeat Tegan Gainan in the following events?

  • Bench press: Guaranteed.
  • Breakdancing: I don’t know. I’ve got some solid moves, but he’s got those skinny legs that whip back and forth haha
  • Hoola Hoop: I can do the Hula, but not Hoola Hoop..haha Tegan for the win

Grateful Dead or Megadeth?
Sugar magnolia, blossoms blooming. Heads all empty and I don’t care.

Astros or Rangers?
I like the rangers name. It just sounds more TX. But I have family from H-town, so I gotta rep the Astros.

Kolaches or Breakfast Tacos?
That could be one of my middle names: breakfast taco.

Not only do you wear Howler on a daily basis, your family is also a Howler retailer at Wind and Waves in Corpus Christi.   Why do you dig it? (Shameless self promotion section).
I was first attracted to the Howler Brothers booth at a Surf Expo in Orlando some odd years back based solely off of the display, textiles, and colors. Quick to find out, they are rad humans from the same great state of TX that I call home, and we quickly got involved and ordered a few things for the store. It’s been rad to see Howler Brothers grow. We have returning customers and more and more people coming in who already know about them and are rocking their gear. Howler Brothers stands for the lifestyle that we cherish, and that is why I love what they do and like to push their story.

50% of sales to support California fire relief

Posted on November 23, 2018

This Friday, we have decided to help our brothers in need. Instead of a sales gimmick, we are donating 50% of all our online sales to support relief efforts for the victims of California wildfires. Purchase with purpose and know that your holiday shopping will give beyond the gift. Shop Now

Click here to donate directly to the Wildfire Relief Fund. Photo via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.

Ski Club Mutation

Posted on November 15, 2018

Wax up the sticks, bust out the bota bag and turn on the hot tub!

It's time to hit the slopes with the newest from the twisted world of the Howler Brothers Mutations Laboratory - the Howler Ski Club Mutation. From first tracks to apres, from gondy line to fall line, you'll be the envy of the mountain in our limited edition Ski Club Rounder Vest, Disco Beanie and corduroy Snapback. 

Studio 6A Collection: Pilot Bird

Posted on October 16, 2018

We are honored to team up with Austin City Limits to celebrate the show's rich history with the Studio 6A Collection. Each piece from this ongoing collaboration will draw inspiration from the historic performances on ACL through the years and celebrate the individualism and style of the musicians who graced the stage in Studio 6A.

The first installment from the collection pays homage to the shirt worn by Austin’s most iconic musical resident during the taping of the pilot episode on October 17, 1974. That episode became the cornerstone for 45 years of groundbreaking, award winning musical television and a dispatch to the world of Austin’s place as a pioneering and disruptive music city.

Dig deeper into Austin City Limits and check out the trailer for A Song For you: The Austin City Limits Story.


Smith x Howler Brothers

Posted on October 4, 2018

Smith's have been our go-to glasses and snow goggles for as long as we can remember. Like our own gear, Smith makes sure to strike a balance between style and technical utility to make versatile, high quality and just plain cool stuff.

It is a pleasure to set our minds loose with their team for our third Smith x Howler Brothers collaboration. This year we put our mutual spin on their Barra and Outback frames and then laid the very same custom Tortoise Print on our Mansfield Shirt, Snapback Hat and Pocket T. Here's to another year.

2018 ACL Yellow Rose Collection

Posted on September 27, 2018

Now deep in it's second decade, ACL Fest has become Austin's flagship party. We can't say in words how much of an honor it was to be called on by them to create a special, limited edition Howler Brothers collection for the festival for the third year in a row. It's a blast to work on and let's us dig deep into our Austin pedigree for inspiration.

We decided to update the design this year by adding a funky armadillo to the foundation we built with our super-popular Yellow Rose Collection. We took the product line a little deeper this year by adding some super unique items like the Jacquard Festival Tank and Festival Guayabera. Don't worry we made good old t-shirts and hats too. And, yes, we made Gauchos!

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