We get it. Everybody likes a good deal. But coupon sites promoting Howler Brothers deals can be deceptive. So we’re gonna level with you: here are all the ways to get exclusive Howler Brothers discounts, promo codes, coupon codes — whatever you like to call ‘em. Here are the deets:

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Join the family! Submit your email address to the handy form on the footer of our website, the neat popup form, or one of the few other places scattered on our website where you can submit your email address to subscribe to our newsletter. If you’re a new customer, we’ll even send you a 15% discount code. We try our pretty hardest to not SPAM you, and of course, you can always unsubscribe whenever you’d like. Our feelings will only be minimally hurt. 

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Can we have your number? Hit us up. Text HEED to 31582 and we’ll subscribe you to our text messages. We don’t text often or when you’re sleeping but we do text about new product releases and sales. 

Shop Our Last Call Collection

Here is the place to find the few items that slipped through the cracks from season's past. Limited quantities, sizes and colors at discounted prices. Think of these like you think of cold pizza — a little older, but still delicious. Hop on these Last Call items before they vanish forever.

Apply to Join the Howler Brothers Pro/Guide Program

This program is available to qualified professional guides, outfitters and outdoor industry professionals with the purpose of spreading and promoting the Howler Brothers brand. The program is subject to approval and only available to qualified applicants who belong to one of these designated categories. Be honest and use good judgment. Try to fudge it and you will be denied!

A Few Things to Note

  • Products in Last Call are not eligible for any additional discounts. 
  • Sale items are still eligible for return or exchange within 45 days of the original purchase. 
  • Promo codes can’t be combined with other promotional offers. 
  • There are a few goodies in our store that aren’t eligible with any of our promo codes.