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Coordinates Buckle


We all have a spot on the map that resonates with us above all others. It could be any place from the summit of Grand Teton to your back porch. It’s probably NOT your desk, your dentist's office, or the site of your pre-purchased cemetery plot. Regardless, it’s personal. That’s why we made the fully-customizable Coordinates Buckle so you can carry your own coordinates around with you even when obligations send you elsewhere. That’s right, all you have to do is let us know the longitude and latitude you want on your buckle and we’ll have it hammered forever in hot iron by blacksmith Wes Groot, an artisan at Cityboy Forge who spends his days standing over an anvil banging hot metal with a hammer until it turns into cool and original pieces of wearable art.

Please indicate your choice of coordinates in the special notes section of your order. Note: coordinates can run up to 4 decimal places (i.e. 26.5589, -77.1354); and because each piece is custom, these buckles are available in limited quantities.

Cityboy Forge Buckles are custom made for Howler Brothers and not eligible for discounts.

  • Buckle measures 1 3/4 x 2 5/8 inches
  • Buckles will fit any 1.5” wide snap belt strap
  • Fully customizable coordinates on front
  • Hand-forged by artisan Wes Groot at Cityboy Forge
  • Individually numbered
  • Silver plated hammered steel